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Editing, Part Two

by on August 2, 2011

So in my last editing update, creatively titled “Editing, Part One,” I mentioned that I’d read through the first seven chapters of Event Horizon. Since then, I finished that story, and just for good measure read through the sequel to that, Bring Back the Lightning, which I did for NaNo ’10. I kinda just had fun with that one; I mean, it was serious writing, and quite a few serious and tragic moments (including the death of a character that I really liked and that had just fallen in love with someone….c’est tragique), but it had quite a few comedic bits as well, more so even than in Hailfire, which you can buy right now on Amazon for only twelve dollars! And if you order in the next ten minutes I’ll throw in a free set of Ginsu steak knives! (Kidding on the last part. 😛 ) Anywho, one of my favorite funny moments in Bring Back the Lightning was when one of the smaller characters, Dawn della Vega, is trying to keep an official of the Vakian Empire (the big bad guys of this series) from arresting the FMC. Dawn claims the FMC is her sister and not the person the Vakians are looking for, the official points out skeptically that the FMC has a different hair color than Dawn, and Dawn retorts sensibly that the FMC dyed her hair in preparation for a romantic date. Whereupon Dawn glares at the bad guy and goes, “You could not get a date if you tore off a page from a calendar.”  ….as they say on the streets, oh snap.

At any rate, back to the editing process, I’m now going back through Event Horizon more slowly, working out the little details and so forth. One problem I’m running into, and perhaps you fellow writers can help; how exactly do you refer to your characters? First name, or last name? I noticed in Hailfire that I referred to all the good guys by their first names; i.e., Haley said this, Felicia did that, Jaden did two other things, and so on. The bad guys, on the other hand, got relegated to last name status; thus, Rath did this, Lushka killed the other guy, etc. But now I get into Event Horizon, and Bring Back the Lightning, and suddenly I notice that in one book I refer to a villain by his last name, but in the other I’m on a first name basis. I ought to be consistent, right? It’s a puzzlement.

That’s all for today, I suppose. Tune in next time for yet another exciting episode in the Caitlin Chronicles! (dun dun DUNNNN….)


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  1. Editing sounds like fun!

  2. The book sounds awesome! Are you doing NANO this year as well?

    As for characters, I guess I’ve always went by what type of personality they had. Hard-boiled types, bad guys, old-fashioned men and etc. I’ve referred to by last names, while the more ilkeable/youthful/etc. characters by first names or nicknames. Maybe that’s just me; I too like uniformity…now you’ve got me wondering.

    Looking forward to more Caitlin and/or telepathic alarm clock stories!

    • I’d like to do NaNo this year, but my schedule is going to be totally slagged in November, as I’m starting law school. Hopefully I’ll still have time…

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