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The Spark of an Idea

by on October 26, 2011

So, here’s the good news. I am going to try NaNoWriMo this year, despite the time pressures of law school (outlet, baby, OUTLET), and  to do that, I’ve decided to write a novel about my favorite short story character this year. Yes, faithful tens of readers, you know who I’m talking about. The only, the only, Princess Catrina! And what is this novel going to be about, you ask? After Catrina’s gone to Character Hell and Kumquat City, what frontier could possibly be left for her? There can be only one. The final frontier. Oh, yes, this year’s NaNo 2011 novel is going to be Catrina…IN SPACE!

Now, the upside is, instead of getting random weekly or biweekly episodes of the Catrina Chronicles, she’s actually getting a full-fledged 50,000-word book of her very own (if all goes well). The downside is, well, for the month of November at any rate, there probably won’t be any Catrina stories. So, what I plan to do is finish the story arc she’s on this week and early next week, and then launch into Catrina IN SPACE on Tuesday when this whole shebang starts. The other upside is, this’ll give you, loyal followers, the chance to catch up on any Catrina episodes you might’ve missed, and I’ll probably be able to knock out a short story with other characters, like Captain Happily Married and Super Soccer Mom. It’ll be fun!

And for anyone new who’s popping in and wondering who on earth Catrina is and why she’s going off to space, all I can say is that it’s terribly hard to explain in a paragraph or less. That is why I wrote a recap. 😛 I’ll probably have to do another one shortly to finish up the Secret of Shmirmingard story arc. So…yeah, that’s all for now. Till next time!


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  1. Aaah! How great is that?! Bummed that in the mean time there won’t be any Caitlyn/Catrina stories, but still, exciting!

    • I may post excerpts. 😛 And when this is all over, I will definitely be putting Catrina in Space out on CreateSpace. you could have a collection of Catrina episodes for your very own!

  2. Great title!

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