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NaNoWriMo, Day 28

by on November 28, 2011

NaNoWriMo’s nearly over, and I’m nearly to the end of this year’s NaNo-novel, Catrina IN SPACE!  I still have about 5K to go, but I’m reasonably confident that I can get that done in the next two days. I would tell you what’s happening in the story, but alas, to do that, I would have to reveal some rather dramatic plot points.I will say this though; I’m rather surprised at how well Catrina and Susan work together. The incarnation of evil and the princess with the super-towel; it’s like Abbot and Costello all over again. Or maybe Rorschach and Deadpool!  The only trouble is: I’m not entirely sure who’s Deadpool, and who’s Rorschach. Or, to put it another way, who’s the comic, and who’s the foil, the straight man, the person who sets up the jokes for the comic’s delivery? It’s a puzzlement. But anyway.

It’s funny where novel-writing can take you. For example, I never intended on arming Catrina with a towel. I was going to give her a laser rifle. But then, in an argument between her and Susan early on, Catrina disputed whether a towel could really be useful when adventuring in space. (Yes, I know you can sunbathe on it, if it’s a very big towel, but when was the last time you saw anyone from Star Trek sunbathing? Okay, other than that one weird holodeck episode where Deanna’s mom convinces Worf and his kid to join her in a mudbath. Ew.) Can a towel stop a laser blast, Catrina asked? I didn’t think so. Then, suddenly, I came across an article about some new material scientists have invented, which they’ve called ultralight metallic microlattice. I noted that the scientists say the new material could be used for energy absorption and impact protection. And I thought to myself, ah-HA! So that‘s how a towel could stop a laser! So, bottom line, Catrina now has an expandable towel that she can make into her own private blanket fort, or she can use it to blow up strange Jell-O shaped aliens who make sinister bloopy noises, or she can protect herself against laser blasts. Which is good, because she’s going to need it when she fights the one enemy that’s even worse than Susan. (dun dun DUNNNN)….

So, for anyone else who might be reading this, I hope your NaNoWriMo project, if you’re doing one, is going swimmingly. Funny story: I wore my NaNo jacket out in public last Sunday, and two different people asked what NaNoWriMo was. I refrained from telling them all about Catrina and how she inadvertently started the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse once. They might think me mad. Mad, I say. 😛




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  1. LOL. Well done with NaNo – the way you were talking pre-November I wasn’t sure how far you’d get! But you’ve outdone yourself!

    One of my official goals next year IS to get caught up on the Catrina episodes I’ve missed. will be publishing my goals page probably near the end of Dec, or possibly in early Jan. More than likely PRE-Jan though, to get myself going as early as possible! So you will see a nice link to Catrina on that when it’s up. 🙂

    Gold luck with the last 5k!

    • I wasn’t sure how far I’d get either, what with studying and dental troubles and all. But we writers will find a way. 😛
      It’s a worthy goal indeed! 🙂 I shall make sure that the Catrina Chronicles page is up-to-date; I think it is as far as the main story arc, but the Christmas special’s not on there yet.
      Good luck on your own NaNo project as well!

  2. Good luck, my friend!

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