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50, 069!

by on November 30, 2011

I wrote the final 2K or so this afternoon. It was quite dramatic. There were towel fights, and teleporters, and at least one atrocious pun, not to mention a reference to the Spice Girls. (It just happened. I don’t know what came over me). But, all that matters is that Catrina IN SPACE is now officially validated as a NaNoWriMo-winning novel. Hip, hip, hooray.

I can honestly say I struggled this year. On the one hand, you would think writing wacky random humor is fairly easy to do, and in some ways it was, but in other ways, well, I had to work to avoid cliches. Much editing will be required, naturally, which isn’t really something I’ve done with the Catrina stories as yet (I laugh at continuity. Ha ha. Continuity.) Not to mention the challenges of the Real World, which this year included all sorts of new and pleasant experiences like law school final exams and emergency dental surgery. But, still, I survived. And now the tale is told. Yaaayy!

As I said I mean to do a fair bit of editing on the novel, and I am definitely considering getting it out there for you loyal Catriniacs to read. (Hey, Stephanie Meyer has Team Edward and Team Jacob, Firefly has Browncoat flans, I can have Catriniacs.) In the meantime, though, in the way of what we in the writing biz call a teaser, I thought I would share with you the Autosummarized version of the story, courtesy of Microsoft Word 2003. It condensed the entire 50,000-word story down to merely a hundred words! Don’t worry; there are no spoilers, although you should be able to tell fairly quickly who the main character is. It’s kinda like a rap, really…anyway. Enjoy!

Susan gasped. “Catrina.”

“Susan. “Susan. Catrina wondered. Catrina objected.

Catrina hesitated. Catrina asked.

Susan smirked. Catrina gasped. “Catrina. Susan yelled. Catrina shivered. Catrina said. Catrina said. Blasted Susan. “Where’s…Susan?”

Susan bad. Catrina smash!

Murphy’s? Catrina smiled slowly. Catrina said.

Catrina sighed. Catrina hesitated. Catrina facepalmed. Catrina cried happily.

“Fine,” Catrina huffed. Catrina hesitated. “Catrina?” Murphy wasn’t Susan. “Catrina!”

You’re Catrina. Catrina exploded. Catrina countered.


Catrina said. Susan complained. “Susan?” Susan grrked.

Catrina asked.

Susan hesitated. Susan shrugged. It’s Catrina!”

Catrina. “Catrina smash!”

Susan interjected. Catrina smiled slowly. Catrina’s eyes narrowed. Catrina retorted. Catrina smash!”



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  1. I have never heard of that autosummarise thing – but I love it!! Does it still work in Word 2007, I wonder? Time to find out!

    I very much love your summary. This story sounds truly fascinating, hair-raising and all that jazz! hehe. Now I want to autosummarise every single one of my novels. It’d be interesting to autosummarise all my Chrysalis stories and see what wackiness ensued 😀

    • I know it’s not in Word 2010, alas, but it might be in Word ’07. You can also do it even shorter, to summarize in 10 words or less. It’s great fun!
      And that reminds me, now that NaNoWriMo’s done with, I need to catch up on Chrysalis stories. I’m two prompts behind again. oh dear!

      • Yep, I found it in Word 2007. I hope we don’t get Word 2010 here at work, ’cause this thing is fun! hehe

  2. Fabulous summary you’ve got there, it really gets into the dynamics between your characters! LOL. Congrats on the novel from a Catriniac!

    *runs off to find the Autosummarize button in Word*

    • I think my favorite part was “Where’s…Susan? Susan bad. Catrina smash!” That just says it all right there. 😛

  3. Nothing like a wild ride through the cosmos, is there?

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