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Short Story Stats

by on January 10, 2012

I promise I’ll have substantive posts later; I’ve been kicking around a thought I had about the second-season finale of Smallville, and of course I have a few short-story ideas. But what I thought I would do for this post is recap just briefly my results from the Chrysalis Experiment last year, where the goal was to write 52 short stories based on a weekly prompt. Drumroll please…..

Stories written: 52.  Yaaayy!

Number of words: 72,257. which works out to a Nano-novel and a half.

Stories that featured Catrina: 29.

Stories that featured sentient socks: 2.


I can’t think of any other meaningful stats right now, so it’s time for the Chrysalis Experiment exit survey!

1. What are you going to aim for with Chrysalis in 2012? It can be any goal, as long as it’s weekly!
My goal (which I’m technically behind on) is, as I mentioned in the post right before, to write a story once a week (more or less), and to edit a chapter of a novel draft once a week. So…yeah.

2. Do you have a strategy for how you’re going to handle 2012’s writing/whatevering goals?
No, I don’t believe I do. Random chaos and procrastination will probably be involved, as well as bursts of inspiration from the occasional odd reference in a law school class.

3. Were you satisfied with your progress (in whatever you were doing) last year?
Yes, yes, I was. 😛  I hadn’t really planned on being so episodic with the Catrina Chronicles, but then, I liked how that turned out anyway. One thing I was not satisfied with was editing;I didn’t make any progress on editing novel drafts, and I haven’t edited a word of the stories, even the Catrina Chronicles (which explains why the dinosaurs randomly changed from Deinonychuses to Velociraptors between “The Tale of Ermingard” and “Catrina and the Collapse of Continuity“. Oops).
4. What do you aim to do differently this year?
Edit, edit, edit. And edit some more.

5. Do you like fluffy bunnies, or shorn bunnies, or neither? 🙂
I shall answer that with a line from a VeggieTales song.
“I don’t wanna tell you a joke that is funny; I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny!”
(This, of course, relates to chocolate bunnies, not bunny-bunnies, lest you think VeggieTales has suddenly gone down a very horrific road.)

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  1. LOL. Love your answer to the last question. Technically this wasn’t so much an exit survey as…an “OMG where are my co-hosts?!?! It’s 2012!!!” survey 😛 But I’m glad you filled it out anyway 😉

    Yes, sadly, Jenn and Winter have fallen off the face of the earth! They’re lost foreeeeeeeeeeverrrrr! Well, I hope not forever, but for now at least 😛 I miss them!!

  2. Ha! I think one of the socks ones was the first thing of yours I read. 🙂 I need to get on that survey…

    • The first sock story, the one with Kristy talking to her evil sock, will always have a special place in my heart. Mainly because I created a voice for the sock. It’s rather like a deranged chipmunk. 😛

  3. Very nicely done!

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