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A Bit about Comments

by on May 21, 2012

Ah, comments: the lifeblood of the Internet. I’ve gotten precisely 476 comments on this blog since I started it lo these many moons ago, although a good bit of them are probably my own replies to comments people have left, so those don’t technically count. Then there’s the spam comments. Lovely spam, wonderful spam, as Monty Python would say. And while I don’t really get enough of them to make for a regular feature such as what Girl on the Contrary does on occasion, I have gotten some doozies.

My favorite spam comments are the ones that try, even just a little bit, to make it seem like they’re really interested in your post. They’re not the spammers that just copy and paste the same thing again and again and again (yes, I’m aware my blog ranks low in Google, no, I’m not going to click your dubious link that will magically bring me millions of pageviews); these are the spammers that care. Or at least they pretend to. Because the hilarious part comes in once you read their comment, and then compare it to what exactly your post said. This is especially true when you consider what sort of things I write. For example, one enterprising spammer left this comment back in March. “This is just what I was looking for. I did not expect that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just earned yourself a returning visitor!”  What a nice thing to say, you think. And you’d be right. Except that the post the comment was left on was Episode 33 of the Catrina Chronicles. Specifically, it’s the one that starts with the history of the Spork Brigade, and ends with Susan and Catrina getting into an argument.  I’m curious: what about that impressed you so much, wandering spammer person? Are you a passionate admirer of sporks? (Hey, who isn’t?) Were you profoundly moved by Catrina’s brief discussion of epistomology, which partly explained why she got turned into a penguin?  If you were….you need help. Then again, this particular spanner never did come back, so far as I know; apparently they have very loose definitions of the words “returning” and “visitor”. 😛
Then there was this comment, which puzzled me at first because I had no idea what it meant (sadly, I didn’t note which post it appeared on before I saved it).  The comment read as follows: “When she gets assigned to Neil’s father’s case, it will lead her on a journey into her own past and to the heart of a shattering secret.”  And that was it. I was intrigued. Who’s she? Who’s Neil? What was the shattering secret? I mean, c’mon, that’s it? That’s all you leave me with? The suspense was killing me!  Then just now I thought of googling the curious phrase, and discovered that it was evidently copied and pasted from a crime novel called Black Flowers. The mystery deepens. Why would this random spammer think my posts have anything to do with crime novels? Why didn’t they properly attribute the quote?  And whoisNeil?  Alas, it seems I’ll never know. C’est la vie.

But that’s enough about spam comments. There are other comments, good and thoughtful ones, and on that note I have just recently received the Great Comments Award from Trisha. This is, I think, the second bloggy award I’ve received since I’ve started. I’m so proud. 🙂  As is the tradition with these things, I must now pass it on to others. So. According to my blog stats, the person who’s left the most comments on my blog is….me.  But since it would be terribly silly to pass this award on to myself, the top people other than me who’ve left the most comments on my blog are….drumroll please…..Trisha, the Hook, and Jes. Bravo, you chaps! Hooray! Thanks for all your loyal comments, and keep up the good work. 😛


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  1. Well, why not give yourself a pat on the back for all those comments you’ve left for yourself? hehehe

  2. I may not have as much time to comment as I used to, but I’ll always make the effort – which isn’t really an effort at all – to be your friend. This was a nice change of pace, by the way. Great effort!

    • Thanks; I’m just grateful you can comment despite your busy schedule. Hope all goes well with your book!

  3. Maybe She has been visited in secret by members of the spork brigade in her own fictional reality, and so of course is a secret admirer of sporks and the sporkiforce, but dare not mention any of this outright, lest She piss off her own author and run amuck of the mysterious Neil, never to undertake her journey to aforementioned secrets…

    and yay, an award! Is it shiny? I hope it’s shiny 🙂

    • I had a character named Neil once. He had a momentary encounter with Catrina. Gasp: you don’t think….maybe this mysterious spammer is Catrina? SHE’S ALIVE! …and she’s probably very mad at me, what with all I put her through. Lol.
      It is most definitely shiny, shiny as a Twilight vampire. 😛

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