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by on June 27, 2012

This post was written for the Trifecta Writing Challenge, prompt two, which involves using the following definition of the word “score”: an account or reckoning originally kept by making marks on a tally; amount due : indebtedness.

“Oooh,” said Fillmore Streamlet, his voice echoing wryly off the dusty walls (ancient Egyptian tombs are notoriously lacking in reliable cleaning services). “A book. I’m sure Asterisk will be pleased to know that I didn’t come all this way for nothing.”

“Could you at least transmit a picture of the book before you dismiss it?” Cyan said, after a brief pause in which she mentally counted down from ten. Streamlet duly transmitted. When the grainy picture flashed across her screen, Cyan was rendered unusually incoherent. “This….I don’t….can’t even…..oh my cow. Oh my COW!”

“Let me guess,” Fillmore said. “It’s some sort of artifact lost for thousands of years, blah blah blah. Again: predictable.”

Cyan took a long, deep breath, and counted to twenty. “Fillmore. That is the Sacred Tally Book of Seshata, used for all the mystical accounting rituals of their people! It contains the score of a myriad financial transactions! It could completely change our entire understanding of Middle Bronze Age economics!”

“Be still, my beating heart,” Fillmore said. “I suppose you’ll want me to bring it back?”

She didn’t reply. “Cyan?” he asked, thinking perhaps she was counting to thirty. Once she’d gotten to seventy on a mission. But now….Fillmore began, ever so slightly, to be just a teensy bit troubled. “Cyan?”

No response. Then the emergency keypad in his sock buzzed. Fillmore knew that keypad was used only when he and Cyan wanted to communicate silently, while sneaking past security guards or hiding behind the mad scientist’s curtains as he whispers the nuclear launch codes in his sleep. But why should Cyan want to go quiet now? He wasn’t in any peril.

The message scrolled across the tiny screen. Still think this is predictable, Mr. Streamlet? Very well. Here’s a twist: Cyan’s gone. You’ll want to find her, I expect. Good luck.


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  1. Carrie permalink

    And cue the music for Indiana jones πŸ™‚

    Delightful little tale. I enjoyed the clever names for your characters

    • Hopefully Raiders or Last Crusade music, not Temple or Crystal Skull music. πŸ˜›

  2. I loved the names and the intrigue in this piece! great job!

    • Thanks! glad to see the names were a hit; I agonized over Fillmore’s for some time.

  3. Oh! Snatched. He’d better bring that book along. It’s either going to be barter or the instruction manual.

    • Or a heavy object to batter the villain over the head with; that might be more Fillmore’s style, I expect.

  4. Love it, Michael… Could be continued, perhaps?:)

    • Absolutely. But don’t worry; the Catrina Chronicles aren’t going away either. πŸ˜›

  5. Oh! Where is Cyan?! You’ve totally got me hooked. I have to admit, though, it’s partly because I am partial to the word “cyan.” πŸ™‚ A tiny part, but even so. I can’t wait to read more.

    • Cyan’s one of my favorite words as well, right up there with “marina” and “spleen”.

  6. He was really asking for that last bit! Serves him right. Maybe not Cyan, though.

    • Maybe; I’m not entirely sure yet what’s happened to her, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t deserve it. Or….does she? *dun dun dun*

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