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by on August 9, 2012

This story was written for this week’s Trifecta prompt, which was to use the third definition of the word “flight”:  a trip made by or in an airplane or spacecraft;  a scheduled airplane trip. It’s also a further adventure in the eventful careers of secret agent Fillmore Streamlet and his ever-capable contact Cyan. When we last met them, Cyan was plunging to her doom in a tank of extremely poisonous Australian box jellyfish….

While Cyan had been contemplating the jellyfish towards which she was rapidly descending, Fillmore Streamlet had been scrambling to think of a way to save her. Exploding Slinkies? No: they would destroy the jellyfish, but Cyan could get hurt in the blast wave. Miniature stapler laser? No: the laser was too precise, and Cyan didn’t have time to wait while he zapped each individual jellyfish.  Exploding Post-Its? No: same problem as the Slinkies.

He had twenty-two milliseconds left; Fillmore preemptively ruled out all the other explodey things he carried.  Pity: he’d almost been looking forward to using the Kaboominator. He still had the Sacred Tally Book of Seshata, but Fillmore failed to see how mystical ancient Egyptian accounting rituals could save Cyan, especially in thirteen milliseconds. Besides, the book was rather sizable, and he didn’t have time to flip through and find the right one. Maybe if he used the helpful index at the back….but, no. He had five milliseconds now; Cyan was really much too close to the jellyfish. Fillmore felt an uncomfortableness about her demise; he’d grown used to her since that cold Moscow evening, and-cold! Nitrogen! That was it!

Fillmore whipped out a tiny tube of toothpaste from his pocket and unleashed a stream of liquid nitrogren at the jellyfish, instantly flash-freezing them into a solid block of frozen jellyfish ice. Unfortunately, he did this at the precise moment Cyan ran out of time, so her face smacked painfully against the ice. “Ow!” she yelped. “Fillmore, if you hadn’t just saved my life, I’d kill you!”

“Cyan, must you give me the cold shoulder?”

“Ha ha. I am highly amused. I’d like to leave now, please.”

“Of course. I  booked a flight to our next rendezvous in Amsterdam five minutes ago, while whatshisface was babbling on about traps and such.”

“But…how did you know I’d survive to make the flight?”

Fillmore smiled. “You always do.”

Cyan smiled back. “Don’t I, though?”


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  1. I am enjoying the continuing saga. Love that Fillmore is so resourceful and Cyan is so cool and calm.

    • I’m enjoying these characters as well; I honestly did not expect to have as much fun with them as I did.

  2. LOL, this was fun. A secret agent spoof of sorts

    I’ll have to go and find the previous installments

    • I think I was inspired by the Johnny English movies in which Mr. Bean plays a spy. Good stuff, that.

  3. confusing but very fun. I love all the toy-attack-gear.

  4. That is quite the arsenal he carries with him. I would have loved to see what the Kaboominator could do.
    Thanks for linking up with us again this week. Please come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

    • The Kaboominator is definitely coming back in more stories. I don’t know what it does either, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

  5. Of course he figures it out in time for her to face plant 🙂 I guess it’s better than tangling with the jellyfish, though!

  6. I’m going to have to go back and read the rest of the story. I absolutely love the various office supplies turned weapons. That’s a great touch!

    • Yep, he uses all of those weapons in prior stories. For jellyfish, though, you need something extra special.

  7. I loved this one, buddy!

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