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And the Search Goes On

by on January 16, 2013

So, one of the funniest blog posts I read last year was this one by NaNo Spork Room comrade delorfinde, which talked about the hilarious search terms people use to find her blog. I thought to myself, hm. I wonder what people are searching for to find my blog? So I checked my handy stats page. Some of the searches are fairly innocuous. For example…

officious intermeddler

This one refers to a post I did way back in October 2011 about the officious intermeddler doctrine in Contract law, and comparing it to The Incredibles. 31 people have searched for this. Clearly, Officious Intermeddler mania is sweeping the nation. If you’re not on board, you’re going to miss the train, to quote VeggieTales.

how to write a good princess story

I don’t know how to advise people who come here for this; I tried to write a princess story and my princess wound up starting the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse, losing her spleen, becoming Mrs. Santa Clause, and defending fictional reality while wielding a Sporksaber. Catrina isn’t exactly Sleeping Beauty here. And speaking of my favorite character…

the catrina

The Catrina. Darn straight she is. Catrina is like the Highlander, you see; there can be only one. Well, except for her evil clone Katrina. But, I digress. Catrina used to be known as Caitlin, which was probably why I get search terms like….

caitlin when are we going on zombies

I’m curious as to what Caitlin’s answer was. “Yeah, I figure we’ll go on zombies about three, werewolves about four, and then cover the mermaids by dinner….”

sneeze “she sighed in relief”

Bless you?

we’ll never catch him now he’s on a unicycle

Curses! Foiled again!

is the tickle monster real?

Yes. Yes he is. And he’s hiding in your closet. Right now. WATCHING YOU.

what is there in a superhero world

Based on the many cartoons I’ve seen, a thriving market for car repairmen and the auto insurance industry.

why is the word shrubbery funny

Because it just is. Like spleen, or kumquat, or smock, or wafting.

gaseous girls

gaseous girls, do whatever a gaseous girl does…

what does shan yu meam

I meam a meam of days gone byyyyyy….

bella lurking


cameos made from spoons

“Gee, that spoon  shows up in all the movies…just like Stan Lee.”

love wham

That’s how many relationships start, I expect. You’re walking down the street, you glance over, and WHAM! Love.

what does tony stark say when he calls loki reindeer games

….well, for starters, he says “Reindeer Games”. I should think that would be obvious.

would you do it for bat cookies and batmilk

No. no, I wouldn’t. Whatever it is. Just, no.

why was there a slinky in the backpack in the hunger games movie

Because Katniss might’ve encountered a flight of stairs in the arena. Duh.


“azula” “captain planet”

…would be a cross-over battle I would love to see. My money’s on Azula.

man turns into a zombie maralyn

Poor guy. Imagine, turning into a zombie maralyn.

“they do not have cookies”

Oh no! How dreadful! Send in the Girl Scouts!

how do punctuate the cow gave a loud mooo

“The cow gave a loud mooo!” “The cow gave a loud mooo?” “The cow! …..gave a loud mooo….”  so many possibilities. 

is catrina gonna

….is she gonna what? The suspense is killing me!

who is the famous reindeer with “the shiny red rose “

Oh, well, that would be Rud-…..wait. Shiny red rose? Someone’s got their catchy Christmas songs crossed.

hooooo paaaaaaa

doompa, doompity, doo. I’ve got another puzzle for you. Oompa, loompa, doompa-dee da…

smallville that superman is clark without glasses

What? Noooo. Impossible. Clark Kent wears glasses, Superman doesn’t. Without his glasses, he wouldn’t be able to see!  (Side note: that was a reference to Mystery Men. Love that movie.)

channeling douglas adams

Are you? How interesting. By the way, what question is 42 the answer to?

shan yu the best villain

Yes. Yes, he was.

sheep that sneezes

Sounds like a baaaad problem. /ba-dum-psh

now all of china knows you’re here twitter

“Perfect”, Shan-Yu tweeted, as Mulan rushed to change her Facebook privacy settings…

how to write something hypothetically someone else’s work

That would be plagiarism, I’m pretty sure. Which is wrong. Really. Not just hypothetically.

hunger games sporkings

Yeah, that was the most terrifying thing in the books. Not the tracker-jackers, or the muttations, or the death ray that melted whatshisname in book three. The sporks. Oh, the sporks.

That’s all for now, I think. Most of the rests are variations on the tickle monster (weird), Catrina, Vladimir, and Shan Yu. Apparently Shan Yu has a devoted fanbase on the Internet. Which is…kinda disturbing, actually.






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  1. I always find it fascinating to see what people are searching for to find certain blogs 😉 love wham, hahahaha

    • And I didn’t even use them all either. Apparently, there are quite a few people who think that Sean Bean was in the Hunger Games, for example. If he was, he probably got killed off. He usually does.

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