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by on February 14, 2013

This story was written for Trifecta’s weekly writing prompt, which was to use the third definition of the word “dwell”: a : to keep the attention directed —used with on or upon, <tried not to dwell on my fears>.  Enjoy!


“I’m in,” Fillmore Streamlet reported over his comlink, as the laser beam from his toothpaste tube made its final slice and the panel clanked open. “Huzzah.”

Cyan, as usual, tried to ignore the sarcasm in his voice. “Is the bomb inside?”

“Can’t see it yet. They must have put it further back in the crawlspace. I’ll have to crawl in. Of course.”

That time she couldn’t help herself. “Oh, I’m sorry, would crawling in there and disabling the city-destroying padamantium bomb inconvenience you? Well, never mind then. We’ll just tell the millions of people who’re about to get vaporized that you’re bored and you’d rather not disarm it right now. I’m sure they’re understand. Or they would, except for the whole vaporized bit.”

Fillmore conceded that she had a point. “Very well,” he sighed, climbing through the opening and crawling into the dark. “I suppose I might as w-”  Fillmore paused abruptly. “Good lord.”

Cyan’s gasp came in a burst of static through his comlink. “What? Is it not there? About to go off? What?”

“It’s….one wire. One. It’s not even red. And…oh my God, the detonator has an off switch. It’s even labeled. These people have no imagination whatever! They’re not even trying!”

Cyan silently counted to ten, then spoke, her voice tight. “Fillmore. Don’t let’s dwell on the fact that the terrorists made a clichéd bomb. Just disarm it. You can complain later.”

“You bet I’ll complain later,” Fillmore said as he reached for the off switch. “All the trouble I went to, and they can’t even make a bomb worth defusing. The agency might just as well have dispatched Bob from Janitorial Services. Furthermore….hm. Oh dear.”

“What? The detonator isn’t painted the right color?”

“No…the off switch didn’t work. Neither did cutting the one wire. Still running. Ten seconds left. Oh dear.”

At least, Fillmore reflected, things were finally getting interesting.


  1. Things ARE finally getting interesting! I like this story a lot 🙂

    My second son says ‘Huzzah’ a lot…

  2. Draug419 permalink

    lmao I love this so much (:

    • I hadn’t done Fillmore Streamlet for a while; I’m glad he’s still well-received. 😛

  3. LOL! This story was hilarious! Such a funny concept!! I love your writing! 😀

  4. Fillmore must have felt less cockier at the end of it all-that is if he had been able to disarm the bomb,lol!Cool piece:-)

  5. Really enjoyed this. Crawling into a crawl space – as if. Great, if sad, ending.

    • I just noticed, I tended to use the word “Crawl” a lot in that story. Oh dear.

      • Not oh dear. I don’t think crawl was overused. Each worked in its own place.

  6. Congratulations on your win Michael. It’s well deserved!!

  7. That’s about as interesting as you can get. Turns out it wasn’t cliche after all 🙂

  8. That’s what he gets for smarting off prematurely!

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