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by on April 4, 2013

This story was written for the Trifecta weekly writing prompt, which was to use the word “rain”, a transitive verb, meaning to take a lot of money in bill form and toss it up in the air, like one might do at a strip club. Or so I hear; I’ve never been. Anyway. This week’s entry also continues the story arc of my character coincidentally named Rain. Previous entries are here, here, and here, in that order. Roll film!

Commander William Beckwith was extremely nervous. It was his first day as a commander and a member of the Committee on Volcano Sacrifice Selection both, and he had no idea what to do. The preparatory reading he’d been had been deplorably unspecific, mostly platitudes about how his work Helped Society Survive.

Worse, as he sat in his junior member’s chair at the far left of the table, he noticed a plastic box in front of him containing several stacks of money. He had a vague idea what that was for, but why was it here? Was he supposed to do something with it? He started to ask, but the chairman called the meeting to order, and William assumed he’d find out eventually.

After a few preliminary speeches, the candidate was allowed in. She was asked the traditional questions, and answered flatly. Yes, she was still single. Yes, she had turned in her laser rifle. The chairman then explained that candidates were allowed a significant sum of money with which to settle their affairs and provide for family members, if any. An awkward pause followed. The chairperson glared at William. “Oh, er, right,” he said, grabbing for the box and clambering his way around the table. He tentatively approached Rain and handed her the box. “Erm, here you are, then.”

She popped open in the lid, looked at the money, looked at him. Without a word, she upended the box over his head. Then she stormed out of the room, leaving a bewildered William to watch the bills rain down around him like money at one of those places the military training films warned him about. William had no idea what he had done to offend her. Candidates were supposed to be happy they were chosen, weren’t they? She hadn’t seemed happy at all. And what was he supposed to do with the money now?  William wondered why she had to complicate his life like this. It was only his first day!




  1. Draug419 permalink

    The poor guy (: I can only hope his blundering saves Rain!

  2. Scriptor Obscura permalink

    And what’s he gonna do? What’s gonna happen next?

  3. Ha!ha!I can just imagine poor William’s bewildered face!Great attitude shown by Rain & I hope she gets a second chance & is not sacrificed.Very well written:-)

  4. I love the contrast of the implied seriousness, life and death seriousness, and the lightness of the last line.

    • I think every moment of seriousness should have a moment of light in it. There’s shows that do that very well, like Avatar: the Last Airbender. Good stuff.

  5. Not a good first day for the new commander! I like that spunky Rain.

  6. bless his heart that she’s complicated HIS life so…

    • I love that you used the phrase “bless his heart”. It’s one of my favorite expressions, though I don’t use it as much as I should. Classic.

  7. Taking those first-day jitters to a whole new level! I love the tidiness of your writing. It’s direct and effective. Great job.

    • I must say, the 333-word limit has definitely improved my tidiness. Ordinarily I just go on and on and on…

  8. Oops, that didn’t go well! It’s generally a good idea to ask questions rather than fake it. Lesson learned, maybe?

    • One can hope. I expect William will grow into his position as time goes on….maybe. 🙂

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