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by on April 5, 2013

This prompt was written for Trifecta’s weekend prompt, and continues the adventures of Rain. For previous adventures, go to the Categories list on the right sidebar and click the “Volcano Rain” category. The posts are in chronological order, starting with “Memories”.  Roll film!

Rain reflexively checked her feet. Her mother always said to check before going out. It wouldn’t be right, being thrown to a volcano while wearing dirty socks. Her mother would have been proud.


From → 1. Volcano Rain

  1. No, Rain, no! Oh man I hope she lives >__<

    • As do I. I hate killing off characters. So distressing.

      • I think I possess an evil side, killing characters gives me such a sense of power. It’s like I can finally prove to myself I do have courage because a character I loved had to die… Does that make sense? I love the idea of a character called Rain. Very cool. I don’t think she should die though. 😉

      • I don’t think she should die either. 🙂 I hadn’t thought about the courage aspect of it. Usually I just suddenly realize that a certain character should die, and I hate to do it, but then I end up doing. Of course this is for serious stuff; if I’m writing wacky things, I’ll kill ’em off and resurrect ’em in a heartbeat.

  2. Lance permalink

    and underwear

    well written. You packed something literary into 33 words. *fist bump*

    • Oh, yes, that too. One should never be thrown into a volcano if one is not wearing clean underwear.

  3. I never knew being a sacrifice could be so entertaining – until you entered my life! 😉

  4. What? Why is she being thrown into a volcano?
    And, well done!

    • Long story short, because the Committee on Volcano Sacrifice Selection said she had to. I haven’t quite explored why the Committee does this,yet….

  5. so much awareness before sacrifice. I recommend heavy drugging.

    • I’ll recommend it to the medical bureau of the Committee on Volcano Sacrifice Selection. They’ve probably got procedures for this sort of thing…

  6. Continuing a story & catching the advice prompt all at once is impressive!

  7. What is it with the socks and advice this weekend? 😉 I suppose they just go so well together. Either that or we’re all remembering our mothers harping on us about this and that.

    Thanks for linking up!

    • My mother always said I shouldn’t sleep with my socks on. I guess it stuck. 😛

  8. And one should not be Raptured wearing dirty underwear either. My sister is sure it’s coming soon, so I told her to stock up on new undies, “because I don’t want to see you flyin’ up there with a mess under your skirt!”

    Poor Rain. I didn’t see that one coming. “Her mother would have been proud” sounds like the ritual runs in the family…

    • Good point. I suppose it’s a good idea to face any major disaster or world-changing event with clean undergarments.
      It might, now that I think about it….I’d just thought her mother wasn’t around anymore, but I hadn’t thought much about why.

  9. I certainly hope she was wearing more than just socks! 😉

  10. Makes me think of the advice that you should never go out in ripped underwear in case of emergencies.

    • Sound advice. I’m noticing socks and underwear are sort of a theme in people’s responses….:)

  11. Ha! Love this! Definitely the kind of advice a mother would give. Great take on the prompt! And I really hope Rain has an escape plan…

    • I’m sure she does. Or she will. Being thrown into a volcano concentrates the mind wonderfully.

  12. Love it. It’s always good to keep mum’s proud (and remember their useful advice).

    • Ooops. I meant mums plural, not mum’s possessive.

      • Either way, I like that you used the word “mum”. It has a completely different flavor from “Mom” or even “Mother”. Very nice. 😛

  13. And here my mother always warned me about holes in my underwear, should I end up in the emergency room! Never said a word about socks.

    • Maybe she assumed socks were a given? Plus hospitals often have special socks that you get, little footie things….but they don’t exactly have spare underwear. That I know of.

  14. Cobbie's World permalink

    Hey! If I get to pick my attire before getting thrown into a volcano then, I opt for a golden thong and those Alladinesque genie slippers. I will die with flare. No one will care about the state on my cleanliness. My mother, on the other hand, will pour herself a hot cup of tea and tell everyone she knows that she was proud of me. To her, I’ll still be the little boy that she secretly wishes I still was. To the rest of the world, I’ll simply be dazzling. 🙂 Thanks for a fun post, Michael.

    • Well, if you have to go, go out with style, and that’s certainly going out with style. 🙂

  15. I always check to make sure I have work clothes on and not pjs. Good advice – oh, and clean underwear is VERY important, my granny said.

    • I’ll check for my wallet, as that’s the thing I usually forget. I don’t think I’ve had PJ trouble before. 🙂

  16. We are going to have to save Rain from her fate. I’m growing fond of her.

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