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by on April 23, 2013

This very dramatic story was written for Trifecta’s weekly prompt, which was to use the word “ecstasy”: trance, especially a mystic or prophetic trance. It’s also another entry in the Volcano Rain series. Roll film!

Alarms shrilled around them like a church choir with too many sopranos and too few basses trying to get through the Hallelujah Chorus. William frantically worked the controls of the wounded shuttlecraft, trying to do something that didn’t end with a blackened smear against the ground.

Rain was still standing behind him, but then she nearly lost her footing when the shuttlecraft keened over. “Right, that’s it,” Rain said the moment she regained her balance. “Move over. I’m flying.”

“Hey!” William protested, yelling over the blaring alarms inside and the thundering energy blasts outside.  “Since when could you-”

“Mallory’s Flight Academy, class of ’42. Valedictorian. Made the speech and everything. Now sling it.”

William duly clambered out of the pilot’s seat, and Rain slid in, fastening her seatbelt as she did, because she knew it was very foolish not to wear one’s seatbelt when one is flying a shuttlecraft over a volcano while being pursued by fighter jets. Then she closed her eyes. Her hands drifted lightly over the controls.  “Okay, baby,” she whispered, “I know you’re hurting, but you just need to work with me, okay? We can do this.”

“Are you talking to the ship?” William exclaimed. “Wonderful. We’re both going to die. I knew it. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed today.”

Rain wasn’t listening. Suddenly the controls moved in her hands, and the shuttlecraft kicked out of its descent and tore away.  One of the fighters tried to follow, blasting torrents of energy pulses, but Rain snap-rolled the craft so fast the fighter couldn’t retarget its guns, and the barrage went wild and vaporized the other plane. Rain’s face lit in ecstasy as the shuttle soared higher. The air around them went black, and stars littered the viewscreen. “Why are we breaking atmo?” William asked tentatively.

“Rebel colony on the moon. We just joined up.”

“But I didn’t want to join up.”

“That sound? World’s tiniest violin, playing the saddest little song, just for you.”


From → 1. Volcano Rain

  1. Scriptor Obscura permalink

    Ha ha, I love this. Last line is priceless. I love this story. Wonder how they’ll be received on the moon colony…They might think they were trying to invade or attack them…Want to know what happens next! Great story!

    • That is an excellent point. I had thought this would be a good place to end the story (it’s kinda sorta maybe a happy ending) but now I want to know about the moon colony. I just can’t let Rain go. 🙂

  2. Rain can do it all! That last line reminded me of my brother…as kids he always said something similar just to irritate me 🙂

  3. KymmInBarcelona permalink

    Loved the little aside over the seatbelt, nimbly bringing us up to speed on the situation. Also liked the controls moving in her hands. I get why you can’t let Rain go. She’s awesome.

    • The seatbelt line was inspired by C.S. Lewis; I always liked how in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, he kept making a point to tell the reader that it is very foolish to shut oneself up in a wardrobe. One of my favorite authors.

  4. Draug419 permalink

    Yes! hahaha I’m cheering 😀

  5. Oh this is good. I love Rain’s humour and the pace in the chase is really well told.

    • Thanks! Pacing’s hard to do in action scenes, so I’m glad it worked out well.

  6. Lance permalink

    That final line is brilliant. I like the language/dialogue. It makes me emotionally invested. good job.

    • Just wait till the next one; I’m thinking what Rain needs now is a really serious antagonist…

  7. I love the sassiness here. Nice job.

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