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Decision Time

by on May 8, 2013

This story was written for Trifecta’s weekly prompt, which was to use the word “blood”:

a : lifeblood; broadly : life; b : human stock or lineage; especially : royal lineage <a prince of the blood>c : relationship by descent from a common ancestor : kinship d : persons related through common descent : kindred e (1) : honorable or high birth or descent (2) : descent from parents of recognized breed or pedigree.”  

After  a weekend diversion into the world of superheroes, I’ve gone back to the Volcano Rain stories. Roll film!

Under normal circumstances, a trip to the Elena moon colony took less than a day; if one left early enough, one could even enjoy a nice dinner on the famed Ashley Promenade, which offered splendid views of the homeworld. That was before the war reduced the Promenade to rubble. Now it could take a full day just to get through the orbital blockades, if one got through at all. And that assumed one wasn’t flying a shuttlecraft missing its left wing. William was not optimistic.

Rain hadn’t said a word since she had received the message about her sister. William was slightly relieved. If she had said anything more, she might have started saying uncomfortable things. Like asking him about what he thought of the Committee’s volcano policy. He didn’t want to think about that. At all.

But then the ship’s communicator chirped, this time with a voice transmission. Despite crackling with static, the basso profundo tones came through menacingly clear. “Lieutenant Rain Sanderson, this is Secretary Mills. Please respond.”

William gaped. The Secretary. The Secretary. He was blood relation to the Prefect of the Third Commission. Either that, or he was blood relation to the Fourth Minister of the Premier’s Advisory Committee. Or  the Fifth Minister? William often had trouble keeping the bureaucracies straight.

“Yeah,” Rain said, appalling William to no end. One didn’t say “Yeah” to the Secretary!

“Rain, my dear,” the Secretary began. “You’ve no idea how I regret this whole unhappy affair. If you return now, I’m sure we can put it all behind us.”

“And you’ll throw me in the volcano again. No thanks. I’m joining the rebels. So there.”

“I see,” said the Secretary. “So you’ll add high treason to your list of offenses, which already include desertion and the murder of your pilot.”

“Oh, William’s alive,” Rain said. “Just so you know.”

“And does he intend to join you in your treachery?”

Rain glanced at him. “Good point. Are you?”

Crap, William thought.



From → 1. Volcano Rain

  1. what a question to ask! What a time to ask it! Looking forward to the answer LM x

    • I’m looking forward to the answer too; I haven’t quite decided what it’ll be yet. 🙂

  2. “Crap, William thought.”
    Haha, poor bugger!

    Loved this. Nicely written!

  3. So there. I love this girl…

    • As do I. 😀 She’s sassy, to quote Colin Mochrie in reference to himself playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  4. “Crap” is right. His options don’t look good at the moment “)

  5. Scriptor Obscura permalink

    “Crap, William thought.”

    That sentence made me laugh. Wanna know what happens next. I’m liking the character of William. He seems like a nice guy. Looking forward to it.

    • I have a few ideas of what happens next, but I’m basically making this up as I go, so I won’t really know till tomorrow…

  6. Draug419 permalink

    I feel for ya, William. No one wants to be stuck in a crippled craft with a potentially psychotic volcano sacrifice. Poor guy (:

    • Fortunately Rain’s only potentially psychotic, not actually psychotic. I’ve still got to work in the romantic angle somewhere, you know. 😛

  7. Sarah Ann permalink

    Poor William. I’m really enjoying these. That last line is wonderful.

  8. William will do alright. 🙂

  9. Well done.. I’m liking both characters. Rain is a trip. I love your opening sentence. A trip to the moon colony, splendid views of the homeworld and a nice dinner.. that’s just great. Just a Sunday drive away. Nice writing.

  10. Man, I love Rain! I feel bad for William, unwittingly along for the ride of his life. But this just keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait for more.

  11. You speak my language. I love the mix of science fiction and humor.

  12. Hahaha. I love William.

  13. LOL. Quite the pivotal moment in a man’s life. 😉

    Thanks for the comment – I’m excited about the album as well, but a little nervous. hehe

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