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by on June 14, 2013

This weekend’s Trifextra challenge was to “describe summer in your own words”.  I took it literally. 😛


She’s been River Tam and Supergirl.

As one, she can kill you with her brain.

As the other, she can kill you with everything else.

She’s pounded Alliance, and Darkseid.

Summer Glau rocks.



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  1. I believe she was also a killer robot from the future. The woman has an impressive CV.

    • And she was on Dollhouse as well, though I haven’t seen the episodes she’s in. Impressive, indeed.

  2. Oh this is COOL 😀

  3. I have seen the first two episodes of Firefly. I am pacing myself since their are only 14. I really have not seen enough of Summer to know what she is about.

    • And then of course there’s the movie, which is slightly darker than the show….

  4. I think I love you. 🙂

  5. Haha, I agree! I also believe Netflix should resurrect Firefly, but that’s a discussion for another day. Nice one

    • I wish Netflix would bring Firefly back too, but Joss Whedon would have to be involved to get it right, and sadly he is a bit busy right now…c’est la vie.

  6. Ha ha! I like your literal take. Very clever. Don’t forget to come back and vote at the end.

    • I promise, the next challenge I’ll do all metaphorical and stuff. But being literal seemed a good way to go this week….:P

  7. oh my…that blew it out of the atmosphere…AWESOME!

    • Considering how Supergirl often flung things out of the atmosphere, and River and Co. occasionally shot them back down, that’s quite appropriate. 😛

  8. I don’t even know this Supergirl character! But I love Summer Glau as River Tam 🙂

    • It was one of the DC animated movies, “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse”. Summer Glau did Supergirl’s voice, and did it quite well. But yeah, River was awesome. “My food is problematic.” 😛

  9. Clever take on the prompt! Well done! Now I feel like watching Serenity…

    • Always a good choice. I do so love the moment when the Reavers show up out of the cloud behind Serenity, and the Operative freaks out. Classic.

  10. I’ve never seen this but I think it works independently too. I love and “she can kill you with everything else”

    • Not that Supergirl would actually kill someone; I think Superman and the whole Kryptonian clan have policies against that…:)

  11. 2old2tap permalink

    I’m not familiar with Summer Glau, but I like your literal take anyway. 🙂

  12. Fun piece. I will have to study pop culture a little better. lol

  13. Draug419 permalink

    Aww, cute literal take haha 😀

  14. …I thought I’d missed something ’til I ‘cliked’ the link. She does, doesn’t she? 😉

    • Indeed she does. Someday my hope is to see a movie with her and Jennifer Lawrence in it both. That would redefine awesomeness.

  15. I had to google on her and now I have to meet her 🙂 …thanks Michael for the stunning introduction.

    • My pleasure. I’d much rather introduce actresses like Summer Glau instead of, say, the Kardashians. 😛

  16. Numper permalink

    I adore Summer Glau. Your post made me smile. In real life.

    Literal is overrated.

    • My work here is done. 😀

      She is one of my favorite actresses, along with Jennifer Lawrence, Molly Quinn from Castle, Susan Eisenberg (who voices Wonder Woman in Justice League…)

  17. KymmInBarcelona permalink

    Don’t know her, but she sounds awesome (and a tad dangerous).

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