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You Should Be Running

by on June 28, 2013

This weekend’s Trifecta prompt was to play around with the following. Henry James quote: “Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.”  So, I pondered, I asked my muse, and, well, this is what the muse came up with. 

Three things about a zombie penguin apocalypse are important. The first: run. The second: run. The third: RUN.


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  1. Your muse is twisted! Running is probably the best idea…it’s not like they can waddle that fast…can they?

    • I’m not sure; the literature on zombie penguins is surprisingly scarce, so I don’t know if they’d be the slow kind of zombie or the fast kind like in the new World War Z movie. If they’re the fast kind, you’re pretty much done for.

  2. Bryan Ens permalink

    Brilliant! (nothing more frightening than undead penguins!!)

  3. hahahahahah

  4. ~snicker~ zombie penguins would be doubly dangerous because from afar, dummies (like me) would be all, oh look how cute, little waddling…wait…what…why are their beaks all red like…aaaahhhh…I suppose it depends if they’re old school slow waddlers or new school superstrength ones 😉 Oh, I got Catrina in Space delivered today, so as soon as I’m done with GoT book 4 and Gaiman’s new one I’m very much looking forward to reading it…

    • I guess we’ll have to wait for the inevitable World War ZP novel and/or movie to find out. And I’m glad to see you got Catrina! I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. I won’t spoil anything but I will say there is a wedding, and it’s not at all like a certain Red Wedding in GoT book three. 😛 But someone does get turned violet. Anyway. I do hope you enjoy the story. 😀

  5. Good advice! Penguins can be surprisingly fast;) Fun take on the prompt!

  6. I like this. Definitely RUN. lol.

  7. Lance permalink

    new band name : Zombie Penquins

    good one

    • Ooh, that is a VERY good band name. If I ever start a band, that’s what it’s named.

  8. And for God’s sake don’t run towards water!!!!! Good one!

    • Good point. When being chased by zombie penguins, water is definitely the last place to run to.

  9. How should I run, fast, wobbles or crazed grin? Good job with prompt.

  10. LMAO. Too funny!

    • Also funny: I saw a post on Facebook last night that made the point that LMAO sounds like a French cat. “Le-meow.” 😛 Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I like the way your mind works. Great post!

    • I’m a little frightened by how it works sometimes, but still, I appreciate the thought. 😛

  12. Draug419 permalink

    If I’ve learned anything from playing The Last of Us, it’s that beating a zombie’s head in with an iron pipe also works 😀 I’ll get on that running now…!

    • That works too. Of course, between those, I’d prefer running. Much less risky. If your pipe’s a bit too short, for instance, or if said zombie happened to have a helmet (say, a zombified football player…).

  13. hahahaha – RUN! run FASTER!!!! RUNNNNNNNNN!!!! 🙂

  14. Okay, I laughed out loud — poor zombie penguins. Good thing is, with the way they waddle, you probably won’t have to run too quickly. Just don’t try to swim or you’re toast. 😉

  15. I feel encouraged about the coming zombie penguin apocalypse, because I think even I could outrun a penguin.

    • Unless it’s one of those fast zombie penguins like in World War Z….then we’re all doomed.

  16. Make sure you don’t try to swim away, they’d surely getcha! This was funny!

  17. Well. . .obviously. 🙂 I love your playfulness here. Or wait. . .were you serious? 🙂

  18. LOL!!! Love this… penguin zombies? EEEK!!! >;-D

  19. I must remember this next time I bump into some penguin zombies!

    • Now you know! And, as G.I. Joe so eloquently reminded us, knowing is half the battle!

  20. Eeek! Zombie penguins! I never worried about them until now… But at least now I know what to do…

    • Indeed. Which, as I’ve learned from the comments, is mainly not to swim. Run, yes. Don’t swim. 😛

  21. World War P


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