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NaNoWriMo 2013

by on July 14, 2013

Yes, I know NaNoWriMo occurs in November every year, not July (except for the Camp NaNoWriMo thing they have going, which sounds like a good deal of fun but unfortunately my July is packed right now with various law-school-career-things). And November is a good ways off. But I did a post last year when I realized what my Nano-novel would be, and although I varied a bit (I never did use that opening line about the exploding soccer balls, but I will someday, I promise), I still stuck with the same idea. So, now that I do know what my NaNo-novel of 2013 will be, I figured I should go ahead and post it, to immortalize it for posterity. 😀

So, basically, it was inspired by this CNN article about the top ten most misheard songs.  I have some personal experience with this concept. I watched The Princess Diaries once (I thought the political implications were interesting, and Hector Elizondo is a cool actor who voiced Bane once. Don’t judge me), and for the life of me, I swore at the beach party scene that Mandy Moore was singing a song about “Scooby cubie, you’re a roomie guy…”  Turns out it was “Stupid Cupid, you’re a real mean guy.” Go figure.

Anyway. One of the songs often misheard, according to CNN, was TLC’s “Waterfalls”.  The actual lyric is “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”. Apparently a lot of people misheard that as, “Don’t go, Jason Waterfalls.”

It occurred to me that Jason Waterfalls sounds like the name of a Bond-type secret agent. And suddenly, the following scene just wrote itself in my head.

“But…but Jason, I thought…I thought we had something.”
“Sorry, my dear Blue Berimuffin, but I’ve got to run. Dr. What is firing up the trans-matrix laser in thirty minutes. He’ll destroy the world. Bad form, that.”
“No! Don’t go, Jason Waterfalls!”

This has the added advantage of introducing some sort of love triangle. Because apparently love triangles are what sells these days. (See: The Hunger Games. See also: Twilight).  And as James Bond said to Elliot Carver in “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Give the people what they want!”

So there you have it. Last year’s NaNo was superheroes. This year: Waterfalls. Jason Waterfalls. *cue dramatic music*.


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  1. I love where story inspiration can come from! 😉

    When I first got on the internet back in like 1999 or whatever it was, one of the very first things I discovered was the word ‘mondegreen’ – it means something that has been misheard. I discovered it while searching for song lyrics, when I found a website dedicated entirely to misheard Tool lyrics.

    • Didn’t that word come from a song itself, something like “They have killed the Earl of something, and laid him on the green,” and everyone thought it was “and Lady Mondegreen”? I love those. 🙂

      Another story: I was listening to a radio drama once, the guy had just discovered something, and he goes “Ah-ha! Pay dirt!” Only what I thought I heard was “Ah-ha! Patered!” …Pay dirt makes so much more sense.

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