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by on July 18, 2013

This story was written for this week’s Trifecta prompt, and follows on in my Third Little Pig story. Enjoy!

The Third Little Pig pelted hard down the corridor, the fluffy undead horde of zombie penguins streaming behind him. Then a sudden thought pushed into his mind. The Queen’s castle was in a temperate zone, nowhere near Antarctica. How on earth had penguins gotten here?

With swift logic, he reached a rapid conclusion. The Third Little Pig stopped in his tracks, spun about, and faced the zombie penguins head-on. They hurtled towards him, waddling ominously and clicking their beaks, and he steeled himself for the worst. And then….they weren’t there. He was alone in the corridor.

“I knew it,” he growled, and ran back to the dungeon. It was entirely empty, except for the cauldron he had seen before. “Right,” he called out. “I know you’re in here somewhere, Aurora. Show yourself.”

Nothing happened at first. Then, out of a crack in the old cauldron’s side, a thin plume of white smoke issued. It collected into the form of a young woman, blonde and violet-eyed, wearing a pink ball gown. “So you found me,” she said. “Huzzah.”

“Zombie penguins. What corner of your insane mind did you pull that from?”

“You have no idea,” Aurora said coldly, “what my mind is like. No one ever did. The fairies packed me off to sleep thinking it’d be better than dying. Yeah, sure. The first few days, maybe. But I’ve been sleeping, dreaming, for a hundred years. Not happy dreams. Not daydreams. Dreams. Do you have any idea what that’s like?” Her voice was rising into a scream.

“So you figured out how to push your dreams on other people, is that it?” the Third Little Pig said.

“Not immediately. It took me ages to learn to manifest my spirit outside me. Then I had to get in the mirror, and convince the Queen to kill off Snow. But now, with her death, I can do anything.” Aurora’s eyes blazed. “And now, I think, I shall deal with you, you meddling little swine!”

  1. mairzeebp permalink

    You had me at Huzzah! Loved this! Thanks for linking up! ~Mary Beth

    • Thanks for commenting! And also, I kinda want to use “You had me at Huzzah” for a story title. 🙂

  2. Way cool. Enjoyed.

  3. Ha, I agree ‘Huzzah’ was the best and I laughed out loud. Plus, I LOVE Sleeping Beauty so when I read Aurora I got all hopeful 😉 I actually love the idea of her being trapped dreaming for that entire time, that’s such a cool concept and opens up all sorts of ridiculous possibilities. You know, like zombie penguins…

    • I had originally written her as saying “Big whoop”, but then it occurred that “Huzzah” might be a better vocabulary choice. 😀
      I’m glad you approve of Aurora being the Big Bad. I liked Sleeping Beauty myself, but I do think the good guys didn’t plan things too well (especially in the Disney film). For instance, they could’ve waited till after her birthday to bring her back. Just to be safe. And it was awfully good luck that Prince Philip met the right girl in the forest and fell for her. Supposing he’d met some other random girl named Veronica, or something? What happens when True Love’s Kisser never shows?

  4. Draug419 permalink

    I always knew Aurora was a cold wench. This is a great continuation.

    • Oh, indeed she was…of course, anyone would be after 100 years of dreams, I expect…

  5. TheImaginator permalink

    That last line was gold 😀

  6. The idea of 100 years of dreams is truly terrifying. Good move letting us imagine our own (oh, except the zombie penguins!).
    An usual, a delight to read, Michael.

    • Thanks. I admit, I was inspired by the Dark Island in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, where a character explains in horror that it’s an island where dreams come true. Like, bad dreams. It’s terrifying. Of course, there weren’t any zombie penguins in Narnia…

  7. Sleeping Beauty was always my favourite fairytale – love that you made her the bad guy. And I love the story behind it. Excellent work!

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