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Saturday Musings

by on August 3, 2013

1) I just rewatched Independence Day. A thought occurred to me. On July 4th in the movie, when the good guys finally have a plan to defeat the aliens, the major played by Adam Baldwin (the man they called Jayne) is giving a flying lecture to some newly recruited pilots, one of whom is the slightly nutty cropduster Russell Case. Major Jayne (yes, I know that’s not his name in the movie, but he’ll always be Jayne Cobb to me) asks the pilots about their previous flight experience, and Russell pops up with his bio about cropdusting after Vietnam. Then he starts to add, “On a personal note, ever since I was kidnapped by aliens…”  and Major Jayne gets this look on his face that most people get when they’re confronted by weird conspiracy theorists. Ordinarily I’d share his sentiment; I don’t much care for conspiracy theorists myself. But. Major Jayne is helping to plan humanity’s last-ditch counterattack against an ALIEN FLEET. He himself shot an alien dead only a few scenes ago. I think, under the circumstances, he might be a little more tolerant of Russell and his “I was kidnapped by aliens” claim, yeah? Yes, normally, people who claim to be kidnapped by aliens are probably a few crayons short of a box. But the reason why we think this is because, so far as we know, aliens don’t actually exist. In “Independence Day”, however, the aliens have conclusively (and rather dramatically) demonstrated that they do in fact exist. So Russell maybe has a point, yes?

2) I also recently rewatched The Sound of Music. Lovely. One of my favorite musicals. But I did have a depressing thought at the ending.  Yes, the von Trapp family got away over the mountains into Switzerland, where they presumably lived out the war, and maybe returned to Austria afterwards, or they went to America like their real-world counterparts. But what about the nuns left behind in the Abbey?

Think about it. Thanks to Rolf, Liesl’s one-time boyfriend, the Nazis know that the von Trapps were hiding in the Abbey. (Way to pick ’em, Liesl). The Nazis also know that the family was hiding in a secured, fenced-off area to which only the nuns had access. Further, the Nazis in the movie were a lot of things, but they weren’t stupid. I imagine they figured out pretty quick that their cars wouldn’t have suddenly malfunctioned all at once by accident, right when they were parked outside the Abbey. They also might have noted the sudden disappearance of the Abbey caretaker’s car. Now, put that all together, and they know that the nuns not only sheltered the von Trapps and helped them escape, but sabotaged the Nazis’ cars in order to stop them from chasing the von Trapps. What do you suppose the Nazis did with the nuns after that?  It doesn’t bear thinking about.





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  1. Jayne Cobb, Nuns, Nazis and Crop dusting all in one blog, very good. A nice smile on a quiet Saturday night.

    • You know, that would be a very interesting movie. “See Jayne Cobb, and his sidekick Sister Margaret, as they attempt to stop the Nazis from sabotaging the cropdusters of America!”

  2. Yeah, I am pretty sure most people never thought about those poor nuns, but I would have too! (It’s been so long since I saw that movie).

    I totally agree that “Major Jayne” had a better reason than most of us to believe in the possibility of alien abduction!

    • It’s been a long time since I’d seen that movie as well; when I was a kid I just mostly laughed. Haha, those wacky nuns and their car parts! 🙂

  3. I’ve not seen Independence Day, so I can’t comment on that…but the nuns in Sound of Music. That is an awful thought to think of the consequences of helping them escape. Way to bum out a happy ending 🙂

    • You think that’s bad, wait till I get started on Mary Poppins. It’s set in England in 1910, right? What happens to England four years later? World War One. Which means Jane and Michael have maybe four years to have a happy family before Mr. Banks goes marching off to the trenches. 0_o.

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