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by on March 10, 2014

Yo! Banana Boy!”

“I’ve told you, I’m Botany Man. Botany. Man.”

“You throw exploding bananas. You’re Banana Boy. And that name strikes fear in no one’s heart.”

“This from Plastic Bucket Girl?”



This story was written for what, sadly, is one of the last Trifecta prompts. The challenge is closing forever at the end of this month. Thanks to Trifecta, I’ve met many wonderful bloggers and read many delightful stories, and it’s challenged my own writing as well. Without Trifecta, there would be no Volcano Rain, no Constance the Guardian Angel, no Prince Evinrude or Fillmore Streamlet, or many other characters. C’est tragique.


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  1. shailajav permalink

    Had to laugh at this one 😀 Botany man.. HA!

  2. Ha ha this is brill

    Made me laugh

    Ally 🙂

  3. Brilliant!!!

  4. *hahaha* You crack me up. It strikes me (ha!) that plastic buckets are more likely to inflict damage…

    • They probably are. Depending on how durable they are, you could also use them to hide under if there’s falling debris, or you could carry people to safety in them…

  5. This is so sad. We all will miss Trifecta Writing Challenge.

  6. Thanks for a clever and humourous story. I have enjoyed reading your creative stories over the past year or so and, I wish you much luck and success in the post-Trifecta world. 🙂

  7. Clearly they are the best superheroes around. 😉 Nice work!

  8. KymmInBarcelona permalink

    Hahaha Have no idea what lead you to Plastic Bucket Girl, but glad you went there!

  9. Oh, heavens. You just made me spit out an entire mouthful of water. Kudos, from my wet keyboard. 😉

    • I’ve always wanted to cause a spit-take! 😀 My apologies about your keyboard, though. Hopefully no permanent damage ensued?

  10. Such a fun post! So sad that it is marking the end to trifecta. I wish I had found it earlier. Such a fun, talented group of people with fabulous stories.

  11. What a clever response. Very funny. 🙂

  12. Tragic indeed! Good use of the prompt.

  13. This was very funny, but I have to say that it was a little overshadowed by the fact that I had completely forgotten about Volcano Rain (which was my introduction to and what got me following your blog) and now I would really, really like to see what’s up with Winifred, et al….*ahem*

    • Perhaps I should do a sequel. Now that Constance’s story arc is over, maybe…. hmmm. 😀

  14. So funny. Banana Boy definitely has more of a ring to it than Botany Man. Not sure how PBG can improve her name, but she needs to.

  15. We should all come up with Trifecta superhero names for ourselves before we depart this super-community!

  16. Haha! I love it. Banana Boy. Thanks for linking up.

  17. They should make a superhero team, like The Wonder Twins. The Bucket of Bananas could capture the Barrel of Monkeys. You know them, they are the illegal whisky makers that use the cover as a street organ grinder.

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