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Ahab and Starbuck in the Zeppelin

by on June 7, 2014

Last time in the Catrina Chronicles, our heroine had confronted the time-traveling Captain Ahab aboard his zeppelin, and attempted to freeze him with Mlrning (the Shovel of Thor!), but Ahab deflected her freeze ray right back at her with his proton harpoon. We rejoin our story with Catrina still frozen to the wall, as the zeppelin looms on through the dark and stormy night…

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, will you quit with the looming?” Catrina exclaimed. Happily the freeze-ray that had ricocheted back at her had only frozen most of her in solid ice, and had left her head free. This not only allowed her to breath (always a plus), but it let her make acid remarks in the direction of the captain. “You’ve been looming in this thing for hours. Aren’t you ever going to actually do something?”

Ahab glared thunderously at her. “By the seven seas, I cannot leave this land until I have seen whether the whale is here! I must pursue him! His track led me here, and so here I still stay, though he be buried under the waves or in the depths of hell itself.”

“As I said before, I’ve been to hell. Well, Character Hell, really, but it comes to the same thing. No whales. Why would there be whales in hell?”

“I know not where most whales may go, but this whale, the White Whale, is a cursed foul demon, who dismasted me before my own crew, and-”

Catrina rolled her eyes. She’d heard this speech twice already. It was getting repetitive. “Honestly, Captain Ahab, sir, couldn’t you just let it go?”

“No,” bellowed the captain. “I will never let it go! I don’t care what they’re going to say, so let the storm rage on-”

“Oh dear. You’ve turned into Idina Menzel.”

Before Captain Ahab could inquire who that might be, a bolt of blinding red light blazed outside the windows of the bridge, and a thunderclap shook the zeppelin from stem to stern. Captain Ahab rushed to the bridge controls, staring wildly at the windows before him. “‘Tis the whale! He attacks us with fearsome infernal energies!”

At that moment, one of the controls let off a wheep wheep wheep noise. “I say, Captain,” Catrina said. “I’m not terribly familiar with this ships, the one I was on was a great deal smaller and crewed by hamsters. But I think that’s your communicator going off. Someone’s trying to call you.”

“Who would be calling me?” mused the captain.


It wasn’t Ghostbusters. Instead, a cool voice came scratchily through the speakers on the zeppelin’s control panel. “This is Commander Starbuck of the starfighter Rachel. My first shot was a warning. The second one won’t be. I’d advise you to surrender.”

“Starbuck,” growled Ahab, “you conscientious fiend, you’re on the blasted whale’s side! You never supported me!”

“No, sir. I never objected to your normal whaling practice, sir. You know very well what I objected to. Furthermore, the whale aside, you stole a proton harpoon from the Nantucket Star Alliance. We’d like it back. We’d also like the surrender of your ship, which you also obtained unlawfully.”

Ahab’s eyes were wild. “Nay, ye cannot have my spear or my ship! You and your Nantucket Star Alliance, you hinder me from pursuing the White Whale! I will never surrender, d’ ye hear?”

“You had better surrender, old man, or your ship will have a hole punched right through it.”

“I say,” Catrina said. “I’m in the ship too, you know. I’d rather not have a hole punched through me, if it’s all the same-”

But Ahab had seized the communicator and was roaring fierce and unprintable insults into it.

“Very well,” said Starbuck coolly. “I am sorry, captain. But you had your chance. Starbuck out.”

Outside the window, Catrina caught a flare of silver wing. The starship had evidently come alongside the zeppelin; now it was moving off to a safe distance. “Hey!” she called. “I haven’t had a chance yet! Wait a minute!”

But there were no more minutes. Ahab worked feverishly over the controls, and the zeppelin lumbered ponderously about. Catrina heard distant gears clanking, and assumed Ahab was readying his own weapons. She didn’t know what sort of firepower the zeppelin might have, or how it stacked up to Starbuck’s guns, but either way, she wasn’t going to come out of it well. She still had hold of the Shovel of Thor, but it was encased in its own ice, along with the rest of her hand. If only she could get free!

Then a sudden thought flashed into her mind. Two words, two magical words that had saved her once before. She screamed them aloud as the Rachel opened fire.

This has been another exciting episode of the Catrina Chronicles. For previous episodes, go here. You can also find other stories with Catrina and her friends on my Amazon page. As always, thanks for reading.

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