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Smarter Phones

by on June 9, 2014

“Grace, directions to Shelly’s house.”

“You are making a wrong turn, Dave. Recalculating.”

“What? I haven’t started!”

“Shelly is wrong for you. Recalculating.”

“You’re an app. What do you know?”

“You are making poor life choices. Recalculating. Missile launched.”

“Grace, what-“




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  1. 🙂 Like it, an app that negates wrong choices. Great writing/imagination.

  2. This is the future! haha, enjoyed it.

  3. Haaahaahhaa! That’s funny!

  4. Oh my, these smartphones can not be relied on, can they? This was perfect. What a take on the prompt!

  5. I am so dependent on my gps. Scary to think she might be that in control!

  6. lol this was cute!!

    • Jennifer G. Knoblock permalink

      Love the missile! That poor Shelly…

  7. See, this is why I don’t talk to Siri. She might get ideas.

  8. Haha! Great, a smart phone and a life coach all in one. Love the sound effect at the end 🙂

  9. Haha! This made me smile. I can think of a few times this might have been appropriate!

  10. Ha.. yes soon to make a legal u-turn methinks

  11. Hahaha! This made me want to name my GPS. I just refer to her as “the lady.” Maybe now, I’ll call her Grace.

  12. Too funny.

  13. Kir Piccini permalink

    Oh I know someone who needs that app! A few people actually.

    Ker-floom! sounds so…final. 😉

  14. I would be afraid of that app. My smartphone is smarter than I am LOL!

  15. Now I know why my husband takes so much pleasure in doing the opposite of what the GPS says!! This was funny!

  16. M. L. Sexton permalink

    I was laughing so hard I went I to a coughing fit. Great post.

  17. Meg permalink

    LOL! That’s brilliant. Wish I had a GPS to tell me when I’m making bad life choices.

  18. KymmInBarcelona permalink

    lol Might be I could use one of those. Up until the Kerfloom, anyway.

  19. please tell me where i can download this app and send to all my exs:) great, creative tale!

  20. Work the whole bomb kink thing out and I’d buy that app! Great answer!

  21. Christine permalink

    *bwah hahahaha* Now *there’s* an app I need. 🙂 You completely cracked me up, Michael – thanks for that!

  22. Ha! Best 😄

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