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Knock Knock

by on September 1, 2014

Stacey gasped. The unearthly shape filled her window. “Hello. My name is Melinda Raxenpaxerflirk. I’m earning my Squidling Scout Badge. Could you buy some cookies to support my dream? I accept Earth currency!”

Somehow, Stacey couldn’t say no to that hopeful gurgle.


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  1. ywstacie permalink

    This is such a creative take!

    • Thanks! Of things that could come in through the window, a Squidling Scout is probably not the worst possibility. 🙂

  2. Hah! You really know how to think outside the box. Enjoyed the read!

  3. ~snicker~ I had to read her name out loud because it’s FANTASTIC

  4. This was cute. And I love her last name.

  5. KymmInBarcelona permalink

    lol Hopeful gurgle. You kill me!

  6. karenspillingwords permalink

    Melinda Raxenpaxerflirk – hilarious! I love the playfulness of this piece.

  7. Meg permalink

    Haaahaa! I love “Raxenpaxenflirk” and that “hopeful gurgle.” You probably didn’t mean for it to be adorable, but it is. 😉

    • Adorable works as an adjective for little Melinda Raxenpaxerflirk, Squidling Scout. 😛

  8. This brings new meaning to the word space cadet! Love it, especially the name.

  9. Lovely, creative and fresh.

  10. Jennifer G. Knoblock permalink

    Haha, one of the last things you’d want coming in through the window! The idea of Squidling Scout cookies is pretty unappetizing. Best sales pitch, though: “Could you buy some cookies to support my dream?”

    • I read a story once in one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books where a kid sold bumper stickers with a similar slogan. It seemed to work for him. 🙂

  11. Haha! This is so fun. Reminds me of the Hadley story 🙂 I especially like that Melinda (Raxenpaxerflirk!) is asking for help in fulfilling her dream.

    • I think Hadley could be a swell mentor to little Melinda Raxenpaxerflirk…. 😛

  12. ha!! I’d probably buy some, too!

  13. Yeah, I had to say the name out loud too. Creative and fabulous, as always! 🙂

  14. I bet she puts on the gurgle to con all the humans. 🙂

  15. Don’t care who you are as long as you have Samoas to sell!

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