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by on October 20, 2014

This is what it’s like to be Gaseous Girl, right now.

You’re a flying brick. You can also breath fire.

That should be impressive.

You survived a car thrown at your head. It was a tiny little green smartcar but it still counts. You walked away. The car? Scrap.

That should be impressive.

You can fly, so traffic jams mean nothing for you. You can wave at planes from the outside. You’re Peter Pan in a cape.

That should be impressive.

It isn’t.

No one takes you seriously.

Everyone’s a comedian, and everyone’s riffing off the same thing. Gas jokes. Always.

The Walking Whoopie Cushion, they call you. Super Stinker. She Who Dealt It.

You explain that your power isn’t just limited to gastric emissions, that it means you could, if you wanted, manipulate one of the four fundamental states of matter. You’re a walking chemical weapon, you could explain.

They never get it.

What really harrows your soul is that the villains don’t respect you. 

Not Thunderdomestic. Not the Malevolent Med-Student. Not Titanium Walrus. Not even Crudmuffin, and that hurts. The man makes exploding baked goods, but he doesn’t respect you. That. Hurts. 

So you’ve got something to prove. You will make them take you seriously. 

You take risks you shouldn’t, push yourself too far, because even too far isn’t quite enough yet. 

And so, when you could go to a quiet cemetery to track down an elderly ghost who may know about the missing person case you’re on…you put that off. 

Instead, you respond to an emergency call to attack the Shrieking Tree Demon.

It’s taken down better heroes then you. You’re a flying brick, but you’re not invulnerable. Some things still hurt.  

Natalie is invulnerable, and she’s on the way. You could wait for her. 

But really, you can’t. 

Because Natalie gets respect. Gaseous Girl doesn’t. 

So you throw yourself at the Shrieking Tree Demon, breathing fire. It smacks you away into the stratosphere like a Ping-Pong ball. 

Still, you think, finally, as ice forms over your boots, as you pass out from lack of air, maybe they’ll respect you. 

They don’t. 


  1. More fun with Gaseous Girl! My favorite line: “The man makes exploding baked goods, but he doesn’t respect you. That. Hurts.”

    • That was one of my favorite lines too. Oh, the pain of being dissed by Crudmuffin.

  2. The life of a superhero isn’t easy, especially when your superpower isn’t one of the classics. I feel sorry for Gaseous Girl. How she doesn’t get the respect she deserves. It’s not fair. I like this study of her life. Wasn’t she the one interrogating a ghost in another story? She got her strengths. She deserves more. Great response to the prompt!

    • She was indeed the one interrogating a ghost in the other story. Alas, Gaseous Girl’s lot in life is a hard one, but I’m someday she will get her due. 🙂

      • Cool. I like her. The more stories you write about her, more real-er she becomes.

  3. A soliloquy! What a great idea. I’m so impressed right now. With this insight into our super heroine, I’m looking forward to her interrogation in the cemetery. Just as soon as she regains her composure.

  4. I so feel her pain. I so enjoyed the read. It is good to learn more about Gaseous Girl.

    • Indeed. She’s been a character I’ve had for a while, but I’ve never delved deeply into her backstory before.

  5. Poor Gaseous Girl. It ain’t easy being the underdog of the superhero world. I love that you went with a soliloquy. And I do hope she lives to fight another day.

  6. I loved this story, Gaseous Girl is such a great character! This made me laugh but I also felt sorry for the misunderstood heroine.

  7. Oh, my goodness…She Who Dealt It is one of the best titles I’ve seen yet, although I can see why it would make her feel rather marginalized…sigh…poor girl

    • If Gaseous Girl ever writes a memoir, She Who Dealt It might just be the title, in an ironic sort of way. Alas, I’m afraid her troubles only continue.

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