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Making Friends

by on December 9, 2014

Oswald Stamper was not a church-going otter, but he had sense about him to realize an angel when he was faced with one. He had never been faced with one before, so he wasn’t sure what the rules were for this encounter. He stood in the small cockpit of his shuttlecraft, as Constance glared angrily at him. The smell of burnt wing filled the cabin. Behind Constance, Sarah May Raxenpaxerflirk tried to look as intimidating as the angel, but couldn’t quite control her quivering tentacles. “My apologies,” Mr. Stamper said, placing his blaster back in the holster on his belt. “I assumed you were intruders.”

“What, how did you think we got in?” Constance demanded. “Intruder window?”  She paused, waiting for Mr. Stamper to burst out in gales of laughter. The otter only stared silently. “Intruder window,” Constance repeated. “Get it?”

Mr. Stamper still waited. Constance rolled her eyes. “Oh, never mind. The point is, I’m not a bad guy. I’m literally on the side of the angels, ’cause I am one. Now, I had a whole eloquent speech prepared, but you shot at me with a blaster, so let’s just skip that. I need your help. I’m looking for the Orb of the-”

“You can’t say that,” Mr. Stamper cut in shortly. “Not ever.”

Constance blinked. “Oh really?”

“It’s known as the Orb That Should Not Be Named. It wouldn’t be called that unless something bad happened when you said its name.”

Sarah May had a sudden realization. Her eyes widened. “But… she said its name back on my moon!”

“And it exploded,” the otter said. “Point proven.”

“You exploded my moon!” Sarah May shot at Constance, very much upset.

“Let’s not argue about who exploded whose moon,” Constance said. “Fine, I won’t say the thing’s name. I want to find it. Some really nasty people are trying to find it too, it seems, so I want it first. You, Mr. Otter-”


“Yeah. You are, I hear, really good at finding stuff. Can you help?”

The otter sighed. “I am, as a matter of fact, already on its trail. I have discovered a clue. It is buried in the shadow of Charlotte’s Moon. This data chip-”

Constance was so surprised her halo slipped out of position. “Hey, I know about Charlotte’s Moon! I have a friend, Clarence, works Search and Rescue. He’s been there. It’s no moon.”

“Let me guess. It is a space station.”

“Something like that,” Constance said. “It’s got a defense grid like nobody’s business. But if we can sneak aboard…” Her eyes lit with the joy of adventure, remembered from her treasure-hunting life long ago. “We’ll get in, swipe the Orb, and get out again! It’ll be fun! What have we got to lose?”

Mr. Stamper, as an otter of sense, knew better than to ask such questions, and was surprised at Constance’s naïveté. More often than not, the answers never turned out to be pleasant. Little did he know how right he was.

I’m back from NaNoWriMo, thus my month-long absence from blogging, and I’m picking up with my story arcs again. For previous chapters in this story, see The Angel and the Space Otter. Thanks for reading!

  1. Meg permalink

    I love Mr. Stamper. He’s so pragmatic. Good to see you again, Michael!

  2. I would go to church more if there were an audience of otters.

  3. Ah, Stamper 🙂 I like the way he cuts in cooly before she finishes saying the name of the Orb. That and your dialogue more broadly. So excellent!

    • Mr. Stamper’s a cool otter, he is. Otherwise, he’d be a… ‘otter otter. 😀

  4. I am so very happy to see Oswald Stamper again! Seriously, it’s bizarre how clearly I can see this disgruntled looking otter stamping around, all long suffering and too smart for his own good, and it’s awesome. Wonderful installment, good sir, so glad that you’re back 🙂

    • I am glad to be back as well. And I am also glad that Oswald Stamper is so vivid in your imagination. 🙂

  5. What a fabulous opening line. You drew me in, laughing. And the rest did not disappoint. Your character development in such a short time was great. Each one was distinct, clearly defined, and strong. I hope you continue with the adventures of Oswald Stamper. He’s a most intriguing otter indeed.

    • I definitely will be continuing Mr. Stamper’s adventures. Thanks very much for the comment. 🙂

  6. That opening is an attention-grabber! The foreshadowing at the end leaves me with a sense of unease.

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