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A Problem of Casino Security

by on December 23, 2014

Domingo Kirrexanvex enjoyed life as medical officer aboard the Charlotte’s Moon. He wasn’t breaking any medical frontiers, exactly. Most of his cases involved aliens who had partied a bit too hard for their biology, or who had suffered some minor ailment on board ship. Thus he was quite astonished when he heard that a squidling was in sickbay with Star Lord Flu. He was even more astonished when he recognized her. “Sarah May?”

He too remembered Magel Five. His happy memories of Sarah May, glimmering in the sunsets, received a bit of a jolt as the present-day Sarah vomited in front of him, immediately after squeaking his name. Domingo couldn’t decide whether to rush into her tentacles or lend her medical assistance. In his indecision, he had overlooked the otter at her side. Mr. Stamper could spare no time for romance. With a neat uncoiling of muscle and paw, he laid Domingo out flat. Then he pocketed the device that had given Sarah May such convincing symptoms. “Come on,” he said to the shocked Sarah May. “We only have to get to the vault.”

“But-” Sarah May began, her eyes widening tragically.

Mr. Stamper was already striding out of sickbay. Sarah May, with a heart-rending sob, had no choice but to follow behind. She was only slightly mollified by the fact that she wasn’t throwing up anymore.

The otter and the squidling made their way quickly through the bustling alien crowds. Soon they had slipped off the main gaming deck and into a warren of side passageways, until at last they found a secure elevator. Mr. Stamper expertly hacked the electronic keypad that granted access. Inside, he simply had to push a button very helpfully labeled “Secret Vault”.  As the elevator whooshed down, he wondered why this seemed too easy.

He soon found out. The vault of the Charlotte’s Moon wasn’t an ordinary steel box guarded with a combination lock and a big door. The elevator opened on a dizzying expanse of darkness. Mr. Stamper had a light in a pocket on his belt. He shone the light into the expanse, but the beam trailed away bleakly, fading out at an impossible distance.

“What is it?” Sarah May said, her voice quavery.

“A Shadow Vault,” Mr. Stamper replied. “It’s an extra-dimensional pocket in the space-time continuum.” He went through another paragraph of complicated terms like Tardisian fluxes and the Piper Multiverse Theory, but Sarah May didn’t follow a word of it. What she understood was that the Shadow Vault was impossibly big, and very dark.

“So the Orb is in there, then?” she asked.

“Yes. But the only way to retrieve it is if you create an Einstein-Selvik bridge to collapse the pocket and reverse the polarity matrix.”

Sarah May blinked. “So, how do we…er…”

“We don’t,” said Mr. Stamper. “It would take months to assemble the tech we need. We don’t have months.”

Suddenly the elevator door slammed shut on the Shadow Vault. The elevator, chirping in alarm, raced back several decks. When the door reopened, Mr. Stamper and Sarah May found themselves staring down the phaser barrels of a whole squadron of casino guards. “I just want to say,” Sarah May ventured, “that this is not Domingo’s fault. He’s probably still unconscious.”

“Ah,” Mr. Stamper said. “That’s comforting.”

For previous entries in Mr. Stamper and Sarah May’s adventure, click on The Angel and the Space Otter category on the right. Thanks for reading!

  1. I suppose it’s good Domingo didn’t rush into Sarah May’s tentacles, considering she was vomiting uncontrollably at the time…

  2. Last line was such a pull back to reality. Well done 🙂

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