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Stormy Weather

by on June 4, 2015

Madeleine had been through a lot of foul climates during her trek through hell. She’d been through ice, and scorching desert heat, not to mention the foul-smelling rivers and ditches she’d sailed across or flown over. Now, however, as she trudged on through sheets of icy rain, her boots splashing through endless torrents of slush, Madeleine thought, once again, on how much hell truly sucked.

She and her evil twin were several hours into Circle Three by now. They had no umbrellas, which meant that they had gotten well and truly soaked. If it had been cool, clear shower water, or even an average summer rainstorm, Madeleine wouldn’t have minded so much. But this grey water, pouring down her face and seeping through her socks, tasted horribly and felt worse, a sort of concentrated essence of ickiness. Madeleine would need to bathe for weeks to get rid of it, if she ever could. Her evil twin, meanwhile, splashed gaily through the slush like a kid in puddles. Madeleine really hated her evil self.

No one challenged them as they plodded through. Madeleine heard a distant howling, and vaguely remembered her Dante. She hoped the Cerberus part wasn’t accurate. Madeleine was a cat person, and not keen on dogs, especially giant three-headed ones that rent evil spirits with their mighty jaws. Happily, Cerberus appeared to have other engagements. Madeleine thanked heaven for that, somewhat ironically.

Finally, just when she was beginning to think they’d gotten lost in the rain, and shivering with the thought, she saw light. The two emerged from the endless rainstorm at last, their boots squelching as they pulled free of the mud. “When this is over,” Madeleine said, “I’m moving to someplace dry. Arizona, maybe. New Mexico. They’ve got supervillains in New Mexico, right?”

“Wouldn’t know,” Evil Madeleine said. “Last time I was in New Mexico, I broke it.”

“How do you…. oh, never mind.” Madeleine wanted to take a breather, partly because it had been exhausting work going through Circle Three, and partly because she was afraid of Circle Two. She remembered the warning of the incarnation of Death. She knew people there. Specifically, she knew Evan Benjamin Wizowsky.

She remembered the first time they’d met. It was a high school get-together, some sports party thing. She was bored. This was before her powers. Evan had found the karaoke machine, and did something in the way of 90s pop. He didn’t kill her softly or anything, but he might have slightly injured her. Then he did Timon and Pumbaa’s part of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, and Madeleine, amused despite her boredom, laughed aloud. He heard her, and the rest was history. History, of course, often becomes tragic.

Madeleine wondered how Evan had ended up in hell. The obvious answer presented itself, but she wondered how it had happened. Car wreck? Supervillain? Plague? Her eyes, curiously, went misty. Maybe it was lingering rain from Circle Three. It was the rain, of course. Evan had cheated on her, dumped her for Lizzie Dern, and it had all been a long time ago. She was Gaseous Girl now. She was a flying brick. She could manipulate the gaseous state of matter. She Who Dealt It, they called her. She didn’t need Evan, or miss him. Right?

“You okay?” Evil Madeleine said, more from idle curiosity than anything else.

“Yeah,” Madeleine replied, wiping her face with her sleeve. “Peachy.” Then, slowly, she turned away from the rain, and began walking towards the howling winds of Circle Two.

This post was written for the Mutant 750 challenge at Grammar Ghoul Press, and is part of the Gaseous Girl adventures.

  1. I really enjoy your characters!

  2. Nice Travelogue.

  3. Oooh! I love this one. Madeleine’s sensitive side. Seding the facets of her personality unfold is fascinating. And I really like “She Who Dealt It.” I aspire to that. Good writing!

    • That title is itself interesting; I picture Madeleine being ambivalent about the nature of her powers. On the one hand, they’re awesome: she’s a flying brick with flame-blasts. On the other hand, she can control gas; this can easily be turned into comedy. A walking fart joke isn’t fun to be. It’s a dilemma.

  4. I am deeply in love with this series! So good! Can’t wait for the next part! And I friggin’ love how she’s called “She Who Dealt It”!

    • I am glad you like it. 🙂 I will say, things will be coming to a head soon, since she’s nearly out of the nine circles of hell, which should wrap up her story arc nicely…

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