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Madeleine in the Wind

by on June 11, 2015

“You sure we’ve got to go into that?” Evil Madeleine shouted.

Madeleine Prime shrugged. “Yep. Only way out.”

“Oy,” said Evil Madeleine.

They were standing on the brink of a tornado. Both Madeleines had seen tornadoes before, of course. In both universes, Edison City was located in the Midwestern heart of America, and its variety of climate included a fair share of thunderstorms and twisters. Madeleine Prime had helped with search and rescue once after one massive F5 had flatted an entire suburb. Evil Madeleine, faced with the same disaster, had set the suburb on fire.

This tornado was way beyond anything they’d ever seen. It wasn’t on the Fujita scale; it broke the Fujita scale. A wall of banshee-howling wind stretched from horizon to horizon, black with dirt and blinding rain, shaking the ground beneath their feet. And as they looked into the maelstrom, Madeleine could see shadowed forms tossed about like leaves. They weren’t leaves, not really; they were people. They weren’t soaring, either; they were flailing and screaming and generally waving about in eternal terror. Madeleine wondered which one was her ex-boyfriend. Given how hell worked, she was probably going to find out.

“So…” Evil Madeleine said, “how do we get through, genius?”

Madeleine Prime sighed. “You know our powers still work down here, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“The name’s Gaseous Girl. I picked it because it fits what I can do. It’s not just flame-blasts and flying brick stuff. You and I can control the gaseous state of matter.”

Evil Madeleine hadn’t quite caught it yet. “Yeah, yeah, I went to science class, okay?”

“You should’ve paid more attention,” Madeleine said, as she turned to face the unending windstorm. “Wind is moving air. And air is gas.”

Then she got it. Evil Madeleine’s eyes went wide as dinner plates. “You mean…. ” 


Madeleine Prime set herself, scrunched up her face, and concentrated hard on the tornado. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, the wall of wind opened up. A corridor lanced down the middle of the storm, calm as the eye in a hurricane. The two Madeleines advanced cautiously into it. The wind closed up behind them, so that they stood in a quiet bubble surrounded by howling chaos.

They kept moving forward. It was hard work. Madeleine’s head pounded unmercifully with the mental strain of holding the tornado back. Sweat beaded across her forehead. She pushed on, driving herself forward. She only hoped she was headed in the right direction. Madeleine had done well so far, but still, it wasn’t like there was a signpost informing her that it was 216 kilometers to the Exit from Hell. The infernal regions, alas, had a deplorable lack of signposts. Phone service sucked down there, too, so her GPS app was right out.

At first they met no one. Then, suddenly, Evil Madeleine yelped in alarm. Madeleine Prime was a little resentful of her evil twin, who apparently wasn’t doing anything to help her counterpart in the effort of holding back the winds. Still, she looked to see what her alternate self had spotted. A tall figure, blond and athletic, had quite suddenly tumbled in their path. Madeleine gave him a dour look. “Stand aside, buddy.”

He drew himself up in offended wrath. “Buddy? I am not your companion, and you are no mighty Amazon warrior either; I am the great Achilles, whom you know!”

“Yeah?” Madeleine said.

“Yeah,” Achilles said sulkily. “Now, you appear to have found a way to flee this dread storm. I command you to open the way for me as well, that I might escape and rejoin the living world!”

“Sure thing,” Madeleine said. Achilles heard the cheerful note in her voice and assumed she meant it.

He spun around, facing away from her, and stood ready. “Let us move forward!” he declaimed.

“Oh, Achilles?” Madeleine said.

What?” he snapped, irritated at the delay.



She shot a flame blast at a certain spot. The Greek hero yipped in pain. Then, Madeleine let up her concentration, just a bit, and Achilles was smacked away into the storm.

“Jerk,” Madeleine said. She took a step forward. To her annoyance, someone else had just landed in the calm bubble around them. “Right, who are you then, Cleopatra?”

Then she saw him. Evan. Madeleine stopped. In that instant, she forgot everything else. Then the storm closed around them.

This story was written for the Mutant 750 challenge at Grammar Ghoul Press, and is part of the ongoing adventures of Gaseous Girl. 

  1. I’d love to see these as comics one day! At least that’s how I picture when I read them. They’re so fun.

    • I admit, sometimes these stories would work better visually. I had an awesome picture in my mind of Madeleine telekinetically parting the windstorm like the Red Sea, with dramatic choral background music, but it’s hard to convey that in words. 🙂

      • Lol that’s great! I could see why that would be hard to write. But I don’t think necessarily it would be better visually. Just enhanced 🙂

      • Especially when you only get 750 words total! Nice snippet of story of Gaseous Girl!

  2. Another enjoyable installment of Gaseous Girl, Well done!

  3. I concur with everyone. This would make a wonderful comic.

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