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by on February 10, 2016

I have done it!

With only a paper clip, electricity, and the mystical element padamantium, I created a wormhole to an alternate Earth!

Only one problem.

The portal? In my laundry room.

The evil me now holds my argyle socks ransom.



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  1. Ha! I had a similar thought when I saw the prompt!

  2. I see several of us went with the dryer phenomenon in our posts, nice addition your evil twin!

  3. Another take with wormhole! My engineer mind is assembling those components as I write this comment. 😀

  4. that’s all it takes? *grabs his keys to go buy padamantium*

  5. Padamantium is that related to unobtanium and adamantium 🙂 LOL

  6. haha The problems with wormholes. Never know which dimension you’ll get.

  7. The evil you? Does that mean twice the laundry to do?
    I love it!

  8. Christine permalink

    *snort* Honestly, it sounds like something un-evil you might do to evil you, if the tables were turned. 🙂 I love the whole mad scientist feel to this.

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