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Back to the Past

by on May 3, 2016

The Malevolent Med-Student assumed he would have to break himself out of the asylum. He was already working on a plan. It involved explosive dental floss, which he had concealed on his person. He wouldn’t need it. The Malevolent Med-Student was just getting ready to do something awkward when a fist smashed through his cell wall.  “Hi,” said Gaseous Girl tiredly. “I’m breaking you out. Shut up and hang on.”

She grabbed him by his white lab coat before he had time to protest. As they soared away into the sky, sirens wailing below them, the supervillain finally ventured a question. “Why?”

“Remember the time machine you had? The one I smashed?”


“I need you to fix it.”

The Malevolent Med-Student didn’t say anything else until they had arrived back in the forest. The smouldering metal bits of the time machine still lay on the ground. “You’d think they’d have cleaned this up by now,” Gaseous Girl said. “My tax dollars at work. Okay, well, get going.”

“No,” said the Malevolent Med-Student.

Gaseous Girl grabbed hold of his coat and shot up in the air again. The lights of Edison City glimmered below them. “Let me sum things up,” she said, shouting over the roar of a passing jumbo jet. “There’s a kid, in the hospital. He’s there because I didn’t keep my mask on, and some idiot figured out my identity and tried to blow me up. The kid…might not make it. So. You’re going to fix your time machine and send me back, or I’ll drop you right now. The ground’s pretty far away. You won’t survive.”

The ground was very far away. The Malevolent Med-Student couldn’t fly. That decided things quickly for him. “Fine,” he grumbled. “I’ll try.”

“Do that.”

The process of rebuilding the time machine took several hours. The Malevolent Med-Student complained mightily all the time, insisting that if he had his loyal minion Candystriper with him, he might be done with the work much faster. Gaseous Girl didn’t even glare at him. She didn’t move at all. He kept working.

When it was done, he pulled open the metal door, revealing the big red button inside. “So, what, I just push that?” Gaseous Girl said.

“That’s it,” the Malevolent Med-Student said.

“Now, I only need to go back about a week or so. You got that set, right?”

The supervillain shrugged. “It’s hard to pinpoint this sort of thing exactly…but yes, you should arrive somewhere around last Tuesday.”

“Good enough,” Gaseous Girl said. She stepped into the machine and slammed her fist on the button.  She had a feeling she was going to regret this.

There was a blinding flash,and a wild topsy-turvy feeling, as if she had just launched a rollercoaster. When the flash cleared, and the world steadied around her, Gaseous Girl realized that she was standing next to a horse. It twitched its ears at her. “Um….” Gaseous Girl said.

Then, in the distance, she heard a high, quavering yell. She ran through the trees towards it. thinking perhaps it was a civilian who might need her help. The trees suddenly opened out onto a wild field, dotted with golden flowers. Across those flowers, a crowd of men in ragged grey uniforms were charging at a line of men in blue uniforms. Gaseous Girl had never got round to reading Gone With the Wind, but she quickly worked out what had happened. “Oh, crap,” she swore. It was the last time she would ever trust a supervillain with a time machine.

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  1. Clever use of the prompt.
    I can’t believe she trusted him. We not talking about a villain here. This is a SUPER-villain.

    • Yes; one should certainly be wary of trusting a supervillain about anything, let alone the currents of time.

  2. Bahaha she didn’t think that through too well, did she? I hope she can get back home and kick his butt while saving that little boy. Haha

    • I’m certain she will save the day, as usual….. or WILL SHE? *Dun dun dunnnnnn*.

  3. Never trust a super-villain to set your time machine. Wise words to live by. Oh Gaseous Girl, what were you thinking? However will our hero get herself out of this mess? Tune in next time!

    • I’m thinking of getting those words cross-stitched on a pillow. Sound life advice, right? 🙂

  4. love the twist, Back to the Future meets Despicable Me in writing.

    • I’ve never actually seen Back to the Future, but I did see Despicable Me. Great movie!

  5. It’s your dry-humor details that always get me. “Gaseous Girl didn’t even glare at him.” Explosive dental floss. Gone with the Wind! 😀

    • I just finished reading Gone with the Wind by audiobook Nice book, but Scarlett’s obsession with Ashley does get a bit much. Gaseous Girl would not approve.

  6. This is so interesting, Michael! I wonder what happens next!

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