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by on May 25, 2016

The pizza place was unusually quiet, for a Saturday. He didn’t mind. He slid into his usual booth and waited for the others to show up, blinking against the light that shone through the multicolored lampshade over the table. He was used to working in the dark.

A shadow fell over the table, a shadow that wavered like the rustling of trees in a summer wind. “Greetings, Wombat. I trust you are well?”

“Hey, Ron. Yeah, I’m okay. You?”

“I have been communing with the forces of nature in Madison Park,” Ron intoned as he planted himself in the booth opposite. “Listening to the beating heart of the ecosystem.”

“Didn’t know they had an ecosystem in Madison,” the Wombat said. “What’ve they got, squirrels?”

“Exceptionally communicative squirrels,” Ron said solemnly.

The Wombat had never yet been able to determine if Ron Raven had a sense of humor. Gaseous Girl said he didn’t, but then she wasn’t always a barrel of laughs herself. Further thoughts along that line were interrupted as the superheroine herself appeared, smelling faintly of ash. “Hey, Ron, Wombat. How’s the burrowing?”

“Fine,” the Wombat said.  “You know there’s giant rats in the eastside sewer now?”

“Lovely,” Gaseous Girl said. “Doctor what’s his name again, isn’t it.”

“Looks like.”

“The squirrels have said as much to me,” Ron interjected. “I could go and attempt to commune with the unusually large rodents.”

Gaseous Girl rolled her eyes. “Sure. Commune with the giant ravenous beastie that wants to eat your head. I’d just as soon flame ’em.”

Ron rose from his side of the booth in high outrage. Before he could unleash his wrath, however, the fourth member of their small group arrived. The Green Moth glided elegantly into the seat alongside Gaseous Girl. No one was entirely clear about the nature of the Green Moth’s powers. When asked, she would explain languidly that they involved “manipulatin’ the quantum polarity matrix that underlies the fundamental order of the universe, bless its heart.”  Gaseous Girl privately thought this was all bunk, but she wouldn’t have been so rude as to say that out loud.

The usual waitress appeared then and took their drink orders. As she left to get Gaseous Girl’s root beer and Ron Raven’s herbal tea, the Wombat asked if anyone had fought anything more interesting than giant sewer rats. “The Tree Killer stuck again,” Ron Raven growled.  “Cut down a nice sapling at the edge of the park. I had harsh words with the squirrels about it.”

“Shame,” the Wombat said. “There’s not nearly enough trees these days.”

“Tell me about it,” Gaseous Girl said. “It’s all malls and chain fast food places. You can’t even get a good abandoned warehouse anymore to fight the bad guys in. You know where Crudmuffin was the other day? Wal-Mart. Yeah. Cleanup on aisle five, right?”

The Wombat laughed, and even Ron Raven’s glower lightened up ever so slightly in as close to amusement as he ever got. The Green Moth said nothing. She continued to say nothing as the talk turned back to the giant sewer rats.  She had powers, all right. Phenomenal powers. Powers that would make the others sit up and take notice, they surely would. The trouble was, no one had ever emerged as a nemesis for the Green Moth. The Wombat had rats and The Hummingbird, Gaseous Girl had Crudmuffin, even Ron Raven had Tree Killer. The Green Moth? Nothing.

She sighed as the waitress returned with their drinks.  No one noticed her sigh.

No one ever noticed the Green Moth.

Not yet, anyway.

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  1. OOOO, I can’t wait to find out who is going to challenge the Green Moth, and what new flavor of kicking butt and taking names she’s going to unleash on them! Another great episode, loving it!

    • I heard a comedian once speculate as to how “kicking butt and taking names” worked. *POW* “Your name please? Thank you.” *KICK PUNCH* “And you, sir? Thanks very much.”

  2. I was hooked from the beginning. Good short story!

  3. I love your idea in this short story! It’s really creative and entertaining 🙂 I’d be sure to check out “The Gaseous Girl Mysteries” sometime. I also noticed how you’ve won some badges from past Yeah Write challenges, and I think that’s super cool, you must have lots of experience in writing. I participated in the Yeah Write challenge too (for the first time) and it would mean a lot to me if you checked out my entry here Thanks so much and good luck on your dream on selling 423 books !!

    • Thanks for the comment! I don’t know if my dream will ever be realized, but one has to start somewhere. 🙂

      • This is cheesy, but they always say its the journey that counts and not the destination, so even if you don’t make it, you will have accumulated so much more experience and improvement in your writing in the process!

  4. I think I loved the dialogue most, the sense of comfortable back-and-forth. Gaseous Girl’s words about the malls and chain fast food places…and the Green Moth’s description of her powers.

  5. I had such a good laugh at “Clean-up in Aisle five”. I’m never going to look at Walmart the same way again.

    • I was just in a Wal-Mart recently; sadly, there were no superhero battles breaking out. C’est la vie….

  6. Ron is definitely not much for small talk.

  7. I have a bad feeling about this. I’m thinking anything that brings attention to Green Moth is going to cause a lot of havoc.

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