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Small Talk

by on February 12, 2017

I’ve never had a monster show up at my door before. You might think this would be a common experience for an Igor. Actually, we in the Igor line rarely have post-creation contact with the creatures we help bring to life. We fetch the brains and throw the switches, but then the doctor takes over the messier business of trying to integrate the monster successfully into the civilized world. Trying is the key word there.

The doctor I used to work for had never done it. Either his creatures had never come to life in the first place, or they’d missed something in the creation process and gone off bellowing incomprehensibly and wrecking things. That’s usually when the mob with pitchforks and torches shows up. People tend to get upset when a monster trashes their villages. Fortunately, my doctor had an attorney on staff, and carried malpractice insurance. A nice settlement offer and promises to rebuild their homes usually calms down the villagers.

Even when I had been an Igor, though, I had never dealt personally with the awakened creature. Now here he was, on my doorstep. This was a problem.

“So…” I said, reaching desperately for a conversation opener. “How about those Cubs?”

I honestly had no idea whether he would say anything intelligent. To my surprise, he actually did. “I understand they won the World Series last year,” he said. “I am uncertain as to their performance this year, however. Whatever success they might achieve seems almost anticlimactic.”

“Look at you, all sportsy and stuff,” I said. “What’d you do, hide out in the woods with the sports page?”

“Actually, yes,” he said. “I found an entire newspaper. Unfortunately, it is a bit dated. Tell me, how did the election in this country turn out?”

“Let’s not talk about that,” I said. “Next question. Why are you here?”

“The usual thing,” he said. “Mankind is naturally horrified at my appearance. Therefore, I am alone. I was hoping the doctor, who brought me to life, would create a companion for me. But he declined. He told me, however, to go and talk to you.”

“Oh. Lovely,” I said. “Did he mention he fired me?”

The creature seemed distressed. “He did not. He said you had found a post with another doctor. He seemed quite certain-”

“He lied,” I said. “The jerk.ย  He was just faking so you’d go away. Sorry.”

The creature looked so upset that I thought it might be best to distract him. “Look,” I said. “I’m only an ex-Igor, I can’t make you a girlfriend. But I tell you what: I’ve got this friend, Sheila, in Wisconsin. She didn’t get fired, and she’s got contacts. Maybe she can help.”

“Wisconsin,” he said disconsolately. “That is some distance away.”

“I can call her first. Save you a trip if she can’t help.”

“That would be most kind,” the creature said.

“Sure thing,” I said. “I know, sorta, how you feel. I had a thing with a government guy, once. We broke up after six months. I guess it wasn’t real love, but it was kinda fun at the time. He showed me that super secret warehouse in D.C. where they keep all the cool stuff. We made out by the Giant Rat of Sumatra. Funny story about that….but then he gave me an amulet for our anniversary. An amulet. With runes. I kinda wanted roses. Or maybe diamonds. Not runes.”

The creature blinked slowly. “So…you preferred one shiny object over another, and this ended your relationship?”

I shrugged. “Love is a funny thing.”

This story follows the continuing adventures of Jane the Igor, and comes after Up and Down, Trades, The Switch, and In Which Jane Meets a New Friend. Thanks for reading!


From → Jane the Igor

  1. Ah, too true: love is funny that way. You have to get just the right shiny thing.

    Another great episode about my favorite Igor, yay!

  2. Hah! “We fetch the brains and throw the switches, ”
    Double Ho ho! “The creature blinked slowly. โ€œSoโ€ฆyou preferred one shiny object over another, and this ended your relationship?โ€

    Loved the visit with the ex-Igor ๐Ÿ™‚ I also notice a wee bit of politics in there.

    • There may have been a wee bit, although I tried to keep it vague enough so as not to take sides. I hope I succeeded; I prefer to stick to space otters and ex-Igors in my writing, and leave the serious taking-sides stuff to others. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Though he seems like a regular ol’ guy, I can see this creation becoming scarier than the ones that trash the villages!

  4. “We made out by the Giant Rat of Sumatra.” Ha!

  5. rubybastille permalink

    Heh – getting the correct shiny object is important. I liked the mild-mannered monster and how totally unruffled the ex-Igor is at his appearance.

  6. I like Jane the Igor. You have a good ear for dialog.

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