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by on April 17, 2018

“I wish for the Seven Seas, please.”

The request was straightforward, spoken clearly. So many people made their wishes in a burst of excitement or wild desires, and often came to grief due to improperly enunciated syllables. Hassan had gotten no end of fun out of the poor man who wished for an unending celebration and accidentally dropped the “R”.  Despite the well-enunciated nature of this request, however, Hassan still felt the need to clarify.

“You wish to see the Seven Seas, you mean? I could arrange a tour…”

“Oh, no,” she said. “I want them. The actual Seven Seas. Mediterranean, Caspian, Red, Adriatic, the whole bit. I want them all.”

Hassan blinked. “Ah. You do know that the Seven Seas are…well….big. It’s a great deal of water.”

“I’m aware,” she said coolly. “I assume that you can include some sort of magic pitcher or box or some such thing that can contain the Seven Seas inside until I want them. It should be implied as part of the successful granting of the wish.”

“You’ve studied,” Hassan sighed.  He always had less fun when the wish-casters knew what they were about. “Very well. You’ll have them in an appropriately magical container.”

“Fine,” she said. “Can you get the lights for me?”

“The what?”

“I want the Northern Lights too. Or southern. I don’t care which. I want the sky lights.”

Hassan looked perplexed. “That’s actually two wishes, you know. Wouldn’t you rather wait a bit until you’ve had the first one?”

“No,” she said. “I want them now. I’ll let you know about the third one. Incidentally, where are you on the killing-people thing? I’ve heard some genies don’t.”

“Oh, I will,” Hassan said. “I have no problem with that. Who do you want done?”

“Death,” Merope said.

Hassan burst out laughing.

Merope. it turned out, wasn’t joking at all.

Note: this story follows on from Bad Ideas

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  1. I really envy the way you tell a story through dialogue. There’s a sass and humor to this that played really well for me. I meant to read up on Merope last week, and didn’t. Now I have to because I want to know what she’s up to!

  2. The Writer permalink

    The dialogue here is great. I love when I read the dialogue and the word choice is so perfect that you can almost hear them speaking.

  3. I loved the insights the genie had about granting wishes for a lifetime. You’re very good at getting into your characters’ heads. I know this is a continuing, but I couldn’t think of what Merope would possibly do with those things and the ending didn’t feel complete to me without a purpose.

  4. I like the character of Hassan very much. His world-weariness is appealing. I wasn’t quite sure why you didn’t name Merope until the end though. Maybe I missed something?

  5. This is great! I find myself wanting to read a full-fledged novel about Merope and Hassan! You managed great characterization in such a short amount of words. Wonderful job! I’m jealous. haha I wonder what she wants the seas and lights for? This is just a really fun piece and I adore it! I’m sorry, that’s probably not te most helpful comment in the world, but it’s a true one. 🙂 Excellent incorporation of the prompts too. Well done!

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