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The Lost Package

by on September 26, 2020

Clyde was just walking home when he heard the crunch of boots behind him. “You there,” a voice boomed heroically. “Where’s the cake?”

Clyde whirled. He couldn’t believe it. There, cape swirling in the light of the streetlamp, was the Red Brick. He followed the man’s escapades every night on the radio as he finished up his shift. Just the other day the man had lifted an entire school bus out of the way of an avalanche and flown it for two miles without breaking a sweat. “You… you’re…”

“The Red Brick, yes, I know,” the man said. “And you’re Clyde Barnes. I had my associate Networker track you. Now we’ve made introductions, where’s the cake?”

“Erm,” Clyde said. “Well. About that…. look, the package was damaged, and according to the postal rules I had to inspect it to make sure the contents were okay, right? Anyone would’ve done the same.”

“Okay….” the Red Brick said suspiciously.

“And there it was inside, a nice bundt cake, just like my sister Freda used to make, bless her, and I hadn’t had lunch yet, so I thought I’d just have a little bit to take the edge off, you know, and then, well….”

“Let me guess,” the Red Brick sighed. “You ate the whole thing.”

“I did that,” Clyde said, scuffling his shoes. “But if you’re wondering about what was in the middle, I saved it just in time. Almost thought it was an almond. Here you go.” He fished in his pocket and tossed a glinting object towards the Red Brick.

“No!” the Red Brick gasped, making a drive and catching it just in time. “That mustn’t be lost!”

Now it was Clyde’s turn to gasp. “Don’t tell me it’s a legendary gem of power or something that could destroy the cosmos if it falls into the wrong hands?”

“Ah, no,” the Red Brick said. “It’s quite ordinary, actually. I bought it from a company that’s in the same building you ship packages in. See, I have a date tonight. With the Flying Cricket. I’m hoping she’ll say yes.”

“Oh,” said Clyde. “Well, good luck then. ”

“Thanks,” said the Red Brick. Then, with a swirl of his cape, he blasted off into the night sky.


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  1. Nice to see you here, Michael! Nice misdirection with the ring. I thought it was a bomb at first.

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