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The Last Bop

by on November 10, 2020

Their hold on me had long since loosened.

They’d been getting their cut, once a month, no more, like the plan said.

Then the pandemic came, and, well, you know.

So I stopped sending the checks to Igor U. altogether.

I used the money for myself, and the work.

Got the doc a nice new lightning machine. What’s the harm, right?

I am an Igor, and this is my job.

I thought the feds had put all student loans on hold.

Turns out universities for mad scientist assistants don’t play by fed rules.

So they came after me. First letters on parchment. I ignored.

Then more letters, less polite. I gave ’em to our monster.

Parchment letters are super tasty, apparently.

Then nothing for a while. I figured I was fine.

Even the doc thought so.

Actually let me have a turn on the lightning machine.

I am an Igor, and this is my job.

Turns out you shouldn’t ignore Igor U’s letters.

They’ve got bigger monsters.

They break lightning machines like twigs.

They broke the doc too.

I’m totally fired now.

And the monsters think I’m tasty.

I am an Igor, and this is my job.

In which I write a farewell post for the Yeah Write grids as they are closing, a bop which is also callback to Missing. I wouldn’t have known what a bop poem was without Yeah Write. Good times.

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  1. Igor! I’ve missed him. Poor Igor though, what a terrible end. I hope you’ll post in the Coffee House on Facebook going forward, Michael. We’ll still have prompts and poetry tips and writing advice, just no grids.

    You did a nice job of the bop format. The only line that didn’t work so well for me is the final refrain. While it conveyed the lingering sadness of a hapless assistant for whom things perpetually go wrong, it felt a little odd given that Igor is being eaten by monsters – which isn’t really his job, and well… he’s eaten.

  2. Oh no! Poor Igor. I really enjoyed this. I hope you’ll continue to hang with us in the Coffeehouse! I sure would miss your awesome, creative takes on our prompts.

  3. How fun! A riff on Frankenstein! It was a really fresh take on the tale, and your usual humor shone through. There were a few punctuation things that threw me (I read “doc” as “document” at first, and “once a month, no more” didn’t quite flow in the sentence) but otherwise I was so engaged by the narrative that I kind of stopped paying attention to stuff like that.

  4. Christine permalink

    Michael, a poem! I love it. Your Igor’s voice is so distinct, and I have always loved the idea of “Igor” as a profession. I loved “let me have a turn on the lightning machine.” There’s a childlike excitement that says a lot about the narrator’s personality. Thanks for posting this, and I really hope we’ll see you in the Coffeehouse!!

  5. IGOR! Oh man, I have missed him (them?). This was such a great bop to read that I had forgotten it was a bop until your final comment.

  6. Oh! I remember Igor. Poor guy. He went out with a bang.

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